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  Easy ways to stop procrastinating. Need to do it, want to do it but later? Yes, let’s do it later. That’s the typical reasoning of a procrastinator.

Most of us will procrastinate at some point in our life. For some, it would be brief, just a few times, once in a while, and the habit will be quickly removed.

But others take it to a whole new level, turning their procrastination into a lifetime habit, a way of life. They Procrastinate on just about anything.   Procrastination is the fact of delaying or postponing doing something.

A habit most of us would want to get rid of to be more productive. But doing so is not as easy because it requires much effort, inner will and commitment.

Many people find it extremely challenging to eliminate the habit, especially in today’s world, where they are surrounded by many distractions.

People might try but usually fail over time, especially if they want to tackle the problem simultaneously.

Here are some steps to help to address the issue, easy steps to stop procrastinating. 

Easy ways to stop procrastinating. By chatykany

1# KNOW THE TYPE OF PROCRASTINATOR YOU ARE                                                                   As there are various procrastinators, you may want to know in which category you fall. Knowing will significantly help you resolve the issue.

As the saying goes, identifying a problem is half of it being fixed. Do you like to leave and do things up to the last minute before completing them? Are you someone who procrastinates because of fear of failure?

Or are you someone who just is not motivated at all? Or are you just ignorant? If you are honest enough, answering those questions would determine the category you belong to.

Once you identified your type, it became more accessible because the options are narrow now. After identification, look up tips to address your particular type of procrastination. If you like to put off doing things up to the last, make the moral choice to do the things you need way before the deadline.

If you procrastinate because you don’t know enough about the subject, reach for help, and force yourself to learn more about the subject.

The solutions might not be easy, but they are feasible, and with some diligence, you will be able to successfully tackle the problem and consequently be more productive.  

Easy ways to stop procrastinating. By chatykany

2# AVOID MULTI-TASKING Multi-tasking is one cause of procrastination. If You wish to stop procrastinating, stop wanting to complete multi-tasks simultaneously.

Some people fall into procrastination unknowingly. They overwhelm themselves with so many tasks to complete that they do nothing because they are taken aback by the amount of work.

It is a great idea to have a to-do list but take it easy, only writes down what you can do, not what you have to do.

Yes, adapt your to-do list to your capability and capacity; not everything that needs doing has to be done right away. We all have different levels of energy supply and different paces of working. Keep to your speed and your rhythm.

It is recommended to focus only on 1 task that you can break into smaller tasks. If you put down many jobs to complete, you can be put off before even starting by the amount of work awaiting. Go one step at a time, and acknowledge and appreciate your progress.   

3# TIME YOUR TASKS                                                                                                                                 Another great tip to fight procrastination is to time your tasks. Knowing how long a task completion might take could be motivating and comforting.

If the job will take too long, break it into short time slots, it is essential to take regular and consistent breaks to stop being put off or overwhelmed; most of the time, it is challenging to remain focused for an extended period.

So, the timing could be of great help, just set up an alarm clock or phone for 20 to 45 minutes and focus on the task; when the alarm goes off, take a little break, and come back to the job, set up the alert again.

Keep doing this until the completion of your task. It is much easy than it might sound.

This tip will help you be more productive and get a lot done. And keep procrastination at bay.  

Easy ways to stop procrastinating. By chatykany


Those are some straightforward steps that you can start implementing now to stop procrastination.

You will be more organized and productive and enjoy your work.

Do you know some other simple steps that can help stop procrastinating?

Please do share in the comment box below.  

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