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How to deal with body self-consciousness in a relationship? By chatykany.
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How to deal with body self-consciousness in a relationship? Are you body self-conscious in your relationship? Being in a romantic relationship often implies being intimate with someone else.

This suggests this person will see the whole glory of your nakedness and, therefore, see your body flaws. This could make some persons very uncomfortable, especially at the start of relationships, when the partners are not used to each other yet.

Usually, this phase wears out quickly down the line. But in some relationships, the discomfort persists and, in the long can cause all kinds of insecurities and ultimately jeopardise the relationship.

Many reasons can make people’s bodies self-conscious. Lisa Kelly, a therapist, said that people might ‘fear our partner will discard us for someone better.’   

In this article, we went over some known factors and some potential reasons why some people remain body self-conscious even after a long time in the relationship; we will look into possible solutions.  


How to deal with body self-consciousness in a relationship?

WEIGHT/ BODY SHAPE: too big or thin often causes body shame. Some people are susceptible to the issue. They are so aware that they make an unsurmountable problem.

The people on the bigger size will want to lose weight, and the ones on the thin side will wish to, if not put on weight, enhance some of their body parts such as the bum and boob. 

BREAST SIZE: another factor causing body shame is the breasts. If they are too small sizes, too big or become too flat, they can be all causes of self-consciousness.  

PENIS SIZE: penis size for men is significant. Some men without the so-called ‘right size’ are easily body-conscious.  

BODY ODOUR: some people have naturally foul body odour, making them uncomfortable. That goes the same for people prone to bloating; those will likely pass more gas more often than usual.  

How to deal with body self-consciousness in a relationship? By chatykany


How to deal with body self-consciousness in a relationship? Understandably, some partners feel apprehensive about their bodies at the beginning of the relationship. Because they cannot predict their partners’ reactions.

But once partners are intimate, they see all that has to be seen, and if partners still decide to stay together, the discomfort should disappear. If it still remains and lingers, there is an issue in the relationship.

Some possible reasons include the following:  

The partner did not fully accept the other partner’s flaw. Therefore, they bullied or found sneaky ways to remind others about their flaws.  

So, the partner with the body issue cannot accept themselves as they are. Being hard on themselves. And want to change at all costs, refusing to be who they are. They will keep being more and more body-conscious  

Or people around them kept bringing up the issue constantly. These people could be family, friends, neighbours, or colleagues……keeping the insecurities alive and difficult to forget.  


How to deal with body self-consciousness in a relationship? Anyone with self-body conscious issues should take themselves in hand. Also, they should accept themselves before accepting someone else.

Like actress Gabourey Sidibe said, ‘One day I had to sit down with myself and decide that I love myself no matter what my body looks like.’  

 If the issue lies with their partner’s bully partners, they should be brave enough to call off the relationship if this makes them unhappy.

Moreover, when someone loves you, they should love all of you, not just some of you.  

You should trust yourself to build your self-esteem and confidence even if you have an issue. And always remember that ‘no one is perfect.’

How to deal with body self-consciousness in a relationship? By chatykany



how to deal with body self-consciousness in a relationship? This article will luckily explain why that is and what to do. The suggestions are constructive.  

Do you have any other recommendations? Please share in the comment section. 

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