10 great to do for recently divorced women. Parting ways with a partner is always a demanding experience. You will probably go through many challenges before things get better.

Some people quickly bounce back on their feet, while others may take longer to find themselves, if ever. Although being recently divorced can be sometimes challenging, you can overcome the obstacles by having the right mindset and adopting the proper steps in the future.   

You are turning a new leaf in your life, so make it count. Hence, this is an opportunity to mould your life how you want. But there are some practical steps to follow to ensure you have let go of the past and taken control of your life.  

This article provides 10 things to do when you are recently divorced for a happier you.  

10 great to do for recently divorced women. By chatykany



10 great to do for recently divorced women include grieving and letting go. It is crucially important to take time for grieving, even if you are the one who initiates the separation. You must reflect deeply on the situation and face the harsh truth.

You must give time to your emotions to process and express them freely. It would help if you didn’t keep any inside. Then, you accept the facts and move on, making peace with yourself.  

You will feel relieved, peaceful, and ready to start anew when you do that and come to terms with your pain or hatred.  

Failing to do so can have dramatic effects on your future. It can lead to harmful coping mechanisms, such as adopting bad habits like drinking too much, drugs or other harmful substances…  


Refrain from letting the experience go to waste. Learn the lesson from it. Whether you were the culprit or the victim.   

If you were the culprit, you would avoid repeating the same mistakes that caused the separation.  

If you were the victim, you would avoid falling into the same trap and avoid the same characteristics or behaviours.  

After all, life is a learning and a teaching process.  

10 great to do for recently divorced women. By chatykany



You must get help if necessary; there is nothing to be ashamed of. Some people are lucky enough to be surrounded by the right people who will provide them with the help they need.

If you are not among these women, feel free to seek professional help. Professional service through a counsellor or therapist can provide valuable help. They can provide emotional support, advice and different coping mechanisms.  

You can also join some readily available support groups.  

Doing this will help you quickly move forward.  


10 great to do for recently divorced women include practising self-care. Self-care must be among your priorities. So, making a conscious decision and committing to care for yourself would be best. Most women are vulnerable when recently divorced; they withdraw from themselves and tend to neglect themselves.  

However, it is crucial to mentally and physically care for yourself. So, make it a choice to eat well, include some exercise in your routine, and, importantly, get the right amount of sleep.  

For the mental side, you can practice some mindfulness through meditation and yoga. And if this is not enough, seek professional help.  

Ensure to do something for yourself each day, and have ‘me’ time.  

10 great to do for recently divorced women. By chatykany



You must devise a plan for your children if they are still young or under your care. Do not use them as a scapegoat if your divorce wasn’t peaceful with your ex, then feed them with hatred and bitterness.

It would be best to handle this transition well, or else your children may end up wounded for life.  

So, ensure to create a loving, supportive and stable living environment for them.  


Being recently divorced suggests that you have parted ways with your partner. Therefore, you are going solo now, so do not stick to old routines; create new ones to complement your new life.  

Moreover, it is good to include several routines in your 40s, such as:  

. A skincare routine, ensuring using collagen, hyaluronic acid, retinol, and vitamin C.  

. Exercise routine to keep your body moving. This could be walking, jogging, yoga, pilates, or going to the gym.  

. Mindfulness routine, taking time to be alone to think, meditation.  

. Another routine is to have fun.  

. A routine around jobs or activities.  

Having routines gives you a sense of being organised and a sense of purpose.  

10 great to do for recently divorced women. By chatykany



Divorce is neither the end of your life nor the world’s end. So, it would help if you kept going. Hence, focus on the future. You may still have some emotions associated with divorce, but you think about your future and make plans.  

So, set new goals and work tirelessly towards them.   

This is also the time to rediscover your passions and hobbies. Learn something new, and pursue your hobby.  

Doing this will provide you with a great sense of purpose and fulfilment.  


10 great to do for recently divorced women include putting your finances in order. This is the time to keep track of your finances and keep them in order. Clearly know what you are worth, your assets.

So, if you realise that isn’t worth much, look for ways to create other sources of income. And if you are well off, you can work to increase that and decide to do some good around you.  

Whichever the case, you must know where you stand.  

Moreover, consider working with a financial expert if you don’t know how.  

10 great to do for recently divorced women. By chatykany



10 great to do for recently divorced women involves connecting more with people. It is vitally important to connect with different people. This will not only help you quickly move on but also help you in your business ventures. You need two types of connexion.  

The first type is to increase the number of people in your immediate circle, including family, friends, and colleagues. This is not absolutely important but can be very helpful.

This can save you some cash because some people need someone to talk to and have to turn to paid professional help. So you can start interacting more with people in your inner circle, reach out to old friends, and attend family gatherings.  

The second connection you need is the one related to your professional development. You must create connexion and be acquainted with the right people if you have some business ventures in mind.

To do so, join groups, attend seminaries in your fields, and have a mentor…  


10 great to do for recently divorced women also include not giving a f*ck. Starting after a divorce is tricky, so don’t add to it by considering people’s opinions. After 40, you must know what is good for you. Also, you must already know that you cannot please everyone whatever you do or say.   

There will always be this person who will criticise you and think you could have done this way instead. So the best way to start your new life is not to give a f*ck.  


10 great to do for recently divorced women include:  

. Grieving and letting go,  

. Learning the lesson,  

. Getting the help you need,  

. Practising self-care,  

. Creating new routines,  

. Setting new goals,  

. Putting your finances in order,  

. Connecting more with people,  

. Not giving a f*ck  

Implementing these things will give you a promising start-up. Do you have any suggestions? Please leave a comment below.  

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