Great ways to be more feminine in your 40s. Being feminine means different things for women. And many realised that they lost their femininity along the paths of life, especially women in their 40s. Women who have been through a lot sometimes must stand up for themselves and provide for themselves. They are still women, but they have developed a strong masculinity tendency.  

Moreover, femininity combines behavioural, physical, and emotional aspects. And this mixture changes from woman to woman as every woman has their own qualities and abilities.  

Also, it is a fact that if femininity can be lost, it can be acquired back. Regardless of the different ways femininity can be expressed, there are some common approved grounds to make you look more feminine.  

So, this article provides great ways to be more feminine in your 40s, helping you start your journey.

Great ways to be more feminine in your 40s. By chatyknay



Great ways to be more feminine in your 40s. The first thing to do is to accept your femininity. It all stems from that. So, you must be mentally prepared to accept who you are and how you want to enhance what you have.   

Also, having this in mind will help you honour your femininity and make you reflect on the meaning and on all that is involved in the process. Doing so will allow you to make efforts to align with what it takes to be more feminine.  

Hence, doing so will connect you with your inner shelf, then help you embrace your sensuality and be in your feminine energy. Therefore, this will draw you to nurture the softer aspects of your personality authentically and comfortably.  


This one may seem obvious, but it is more complex. You may wear the most feminine attire and be well-groomed, but if the way you hold yourself and behave is different from what is expected from a woman, all your efforts will be in vain.   

So, act feminine; in addition to having the attire and the appearance, you must perform the act. For example,  

. gracefully accept compliments,   

. accept men opening and holding doors for you,. Do not always rush to pay or split the bill  

. Keep good manners at all time  

. Be mindful of the way you walk; make it more feminine by gently swaying your hips  

. Etc.  


Great ways to be more feminine in your 40s. A significant part of being more feminine is dressing feminine. You should wear more feminine clothing such as dresses and skirts. Ditch or reduce wearing more men-like clothing. To make it even more feminine, go for floral fabrics, dresses, tops, skirts, etc.  

Sometimes, wearing a lovely dress will make you feel instantly more feminine. So, express yourself by dressing in a way that makes you feel feminine, using styles and colours you are comfortable with.  

Also, do not hesitate to upgrade your wardrobe if this is what it takes; you can still dress in age-appropriate, trendy clothing that makes you more feminine.  

Accessories such as belts, jewellery, scarves, headwear, etc., are essential to dressing more feminine; they will make you look more elegant and confident. So pay attention to them. You can use them to complement your outfits and look more feminine.   

Great ways to be more feminine in your 40s. By chatyknay


Self-care is essential if you want to be more feminine. So, It would help if you took care of yourself. Self-care involves many areas, including:  

. Good body hygiene: Take at least one bath or shower daily, and wash yourself thoroughly and deeply. If you cannot keep your underarms and pubic hair clean and smell-free, shave them. After that, you must have a skincare routine to fit your skin’s needs for a healthy, radiant complexion.  

. Smelling good: If your body is clean, it is easier to smell. Smelling can start with what you are using to bath or shower. Then there is the deodorant, the sprays, the fragrances. Usually, you do not need to break the bank to smell good. For femininity, choose a feminine and subtle scent.  

. Taking care of your hair: Your hair is a big part of your appearance, so you must take good care of it. You can experience different hairstyles and choose a style that suits your features. In any way, your hair must be clean, tidy  

. Getting your nails done: You can do it yourself or professionally. The aim is to have well-groomed nails with no dirt or untidy.  

. Do your makeup: A good makeup application will enhance your beauty and highlight your features.   

. Exercise and balanced diet: You must engage in physical activities to remain fit. Be it walking, swimming, running, gym, home workout, etc. In addition, you must have a healthy, balanced diet.  

. Mental health: Take care of your mental health through therapy, meditation, journaling, etc.  

. Having hobbies: Make time to pursue your hobbies and passions. This will give you a sense of fulfilment.  


Great ways to be more feminine in your 40s. Posture is significant in being feminine. So, focus on your posture by maintaining good standing or sitting up straight. Adopt a posture that exudes confidence, poise and elegance.  

Posture highly affects how you present yourself and how others perceive you, so maintain good posture.  

Also, learn and cultivate being graceful by embracing graceful movements and gestures.  

So, walk gracefully and confidently, taking small steps and gently swaying your hips. And complement it all with a smile when needed.  


The way you communicate plays a crucial role in your femininity. It can make you look feminine or masculine. So, if you habitually shout, say rude words, rudely interrupt people, and speak loudly, you will come off as very strong, assimilating to being masculine. Therefore, control how you talk; you can still express what you want without being loud, disrespectful, and raising your voice.  

Moreover, you can still be assertive and well-spoken while being soft, showing empathy and understanding.  

So, you must refine your communication skills, knowing how to express yourself and listen to others.  

Just remember to pay extra attention to the tone and pitch of your voice, hand gestures and being polite.  

Great ways to be more feminine in your 40s. By chatyknay


Great ways to be more feminine in your 40s. Sometimes, you may be tempted to show your skills and knowledge. It is a good thing but can be counterproductive in some situations. Situations where you insist on leading to demonstrate that you really, sometimes, even get into arguments to prove your point.   

You must know that this is not very feminine. You must accept that you don’t ‘know it all’ and may have other perspectives. So, try to be open, especially when you are socialising. 


Having a compassionate side makes you very feminine. For many, the idea of a feminine woman is caring, empathy for others, and compassion. The one who always helps whenever possible. So, if you lack that, it is a good idea to cultivate this trait.  

Moreover, cultivating compassion and empathy will help you develop emotional connections.  

Also, it is more feminine to not restrain yourself to express your emotions; this shows your vulnerability.  


You must be confident and be on top of your game. You must continue to self-develop, learn new things, and work on your abilities to do that. So you must know what you want, cultivate the ability to get it, know your worth, and express your femininity.  

You exude confidence when you believe in yourself and your abilities; your confidence projects through your behaviour, actions, and decisions.  

Great ways to be more feminine in your 40s. By chatyknay


Great ways to be more feminine in your 40s. You may advocate for gender equality and fight for women’s empowerment, you may be a die-hard feminist, or you may be leading a crowd of men, but at the end of the day, luckily, you’ll need someone to take care of you, someone you can rely on, someone to back you up.

And to allow this to happen, you may have to remove any other role and be in your feminine; for straight couples, that will be given charge to the men. And for hetero couples, one will exercise to be more feminine.  


Great ways to be more feminine in your 40s include:  

. Accepting your femininity,  

. Acting feminine,  

. Dressing feminine,  

. Practising self-care,  

. Having a good posture,  

. Knowing how to communicate,  

. Not being a ‘know it all,  

. Being compassionate,  

. Having confidence,  

. Being humble  

These are common ways to be more feminine. Do you have any recommendations? Please comment in the comments section. 

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