The best ways women can recycle their clothes. Most women in their 40s readjust their fashion style. Many reasons can lead to that. It could be they want to upgrade their style to fit their age, or the clothes they already own do not fit…

So, whatever your reason, you may want to go through what you already possess to make the most of it. Because, more often than not, women only wear about 20% of the clothes in their wardrobes. So before rushing to buy new clothes, consider what you have in your wardrobes.

Therefore, there are many ways you can recycle what you own. This will refresh your style using your garments, save money, and be highly environmentally friendly.  

So, this article provides you with helpful, proven steps to recycle your wardrobe.  

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The best ways women can recycle their clothes in their 40s. By chatykany.


The best ways women can recycle their clothes involves assessing their closets. To take any action, you must first know what you have. So, it would help if you went through your whole wardrobe.

Hence, for a better assessment, take out everything from the closet. This is to check the clothes’ condition, the styles, and fit. Then, sort them by categories. Usually, you can make 3 categories:   

. The clothes you want to keep are the ones that fit, the ones you are comfortable wearing. Those could be timeless quality pieces you don’t have to get rid of.  

. Then, the clothes to get rid of. Those are the ones you do not desire to keep. So, you can donate them or sell them.  

. Finally, the clothes you want to recycle. Those clothes you want to repurpose, to transform into something else. For example, a pair of trousers transformed into a skirt.  


After thoroughly assessing your wardrobe and done with the separating, you must first work with the clothing items you decided to keep.

However, to do so, you should know the style you want to adopt and then revamp your look. For that, you must not shy away from mixing and matching the clothes.   

. So, look for inspiration and create some basic capsule wardrobes that can be combined in various ways.  

. Learn to layer pieces; this can alleviate your look. And there are countless ways to layer.  

. Also, experiment with matching colours, different colours, and trying a different style.  


The best ways women can recycle their clothes. Accessories can make a tremendous difference in your look. They alleviate your style and can make you look elegant if used skilfully. So, learn to appropriately use them, and they will make you stand up.  

Therefore, invest in statement jewellery, nice belts, small or oversized scarves, quality shoes and handbags. Moreover, always go for quality, not quantity.  

The best ways women can recycle their clothes in their 40s. By chatykany.


This part refers to the category of clothes you kept for recycling. However, not all of it, only a part. It means that among the clothes you plan to recycle, some only need slight alterations. So, maybe the clothes are:  

. too long, too short, too loose, too tight,   

. or you want to remove some part such as remove the sleeves, or turn trousers into a short,   

. Adding some embellishments,  

. Or do you want to dye the fabric  

. Etc…  

Moreover, you can do the alterations yourself if you have some basic sewing skills, or you can reach out to a tailor.  


The best ways women can recycle their clothes. This option refers to the category of clothes you kept for recycling. But this time, it’s about completely transforming the garments into new styles. So, here, you can be very creative.  

Moreover, you can make many new items out of your old garments. For example:  

. Turning old pair of jeans into handbags, skirts or shorts.  

. transform a dress into a skirt,  

. Make hair accessories out of old garments,  

. Etc…  


Now that you have gone through your wardrobe rearranged your clothes, and clearly identified your fashion style, you must have some quality, timeless pieces.  

 Indeed, most women follow the trends and end up with their wardrobes full of outdated garments with no sustainable, timeless pieces.  

 So, make a conscious decision to invest in timeless pieces such as some quality versatile shoes, a good blazer, a well-fitted pair of black trousers, a little black dress, a white shirt, etc…   

Also, having these will undoubtedly make you look effortlessly elegant. Moreover, you can pair timeless and trendy pieces and mix and match them.  


The best ways women can recycle their clothes in their 40s include:  

. assess what you have,  

. Not shying away from mixing and matching,  

. Making use of accessories,  

. Proceeding to do some alterations,  

. Do some upcycling,  

. Favour timeless pieces.  

So, following these tips will help you maximise what you already have. Do you have any suggestions? Please leave in the comments section. 

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