7 great ways to show off your femininity. It is a fact that femininity is a significant aspect of being a woman. But being a woman doesn’t mean you are automatically feminine. Some women are naturally very feminine, while others are not.   

The ones who are not have either lost it along the way in life or they just never had it. The good news is femininity can be learned. So, if you do not desire to appear in your masculine energy and want to be more feminine, you must learn how to.  

However, it is essential to note that learning to be more feminine is not denying who you truly are but only enhancing this aspect of your personality.  

And there are many ways a woman can tap into her feminine energy. It goes from appearance, behaviour, emotional, mental and other ways.  

So, this article provides some great techniques and practices you can adopt to show, exude and enhance your femininity.  

7 great ways to show off your femininity. By chatykany.


7 great ways to show off your femininity include your appearance. The first thing to do to be feminine is to appear feminine. Having a feminine appearance is crucial. This includes the way you dress, your grooming, your hair, and your accessories.   

So, dress to appear feminine by wearing feminine attire such as dresses, skirts, nice blouses, etc., to enhance your best features. And wear clothing that you are comfortable with, and that makes you feel confident.   

Also, wearing makeup will elevate and accentuate your femininity. Makeup can really make a difference in your appearance. So, there are different ways to do your make-up, but don’t overdo it.  

Another major part of your appearance is your hair and overall grooming. Ensure your hair is clean, not greasy and messy. So, try different hairstyles and stick to the one that suits you best. Never go out with messy hair; if you must, ensure it is a trendy ‘messy’. Also, avoid at all cost chips and dirty nails; therefore, keep your nails always done. 

To complement your appearance, use accessories such as statement jewellery, belts, scarves, shoes, and especially heels. They will enhance your femininity.  

And to wrap it all up, you must have good body hygiene and smell nice. A subtle and pleasant scent can add a touch of femininity.  

7 great ways to show off your femininity. By chatykany.


7 great ways to show off your femininity include the way you move. You can tap into your femininity through your movements, the way you walk, your posture, the way you behave towards other people, etc.  

So, walk gracefully and elegantly, moving with poise, gently swinging your hips, side to side. Taking gentle steps.  

Also, try to avoid always rushing. Show gentleness in the way you walk with fluid, graceful movements.  

And it would help to adopt a good posture, head high, shoulders straight back, not slouching. This will not only elongate your stature but confer you certain confidence and grace.  

In the same line, avoid being too rigid, so be approachable by smiling more and having an inviting personality when out and about.  


The way you express yourself plays a significant role in your femininity. Even if you look at the part but you don’t sound it, you will be lacking an essential element to tap into your femininity.   

For example, if you dress very feminine, you are well groomed, have a great hairstyle with all the appropriate accessories, and smell great. Still, if you spend time shouting, swearing, and being rigid and implacable in communicating with people, you will be seen as a ‘hard head’, an ‘iron lady’. In this case, your masculine energy will overpower your feminine energy.  

So exercise kindness, politeness, gentleness. And be considerate of others. Have good manners. Practice speaking softly.  

Moreover, be diplomatic by avoiding unnecessary conflicts.  

7 great ways to show off your femininity. By chatykany.


Cultivating your listening skills is a way to be more feminine. Through that, you show your patience, your care, and your respect.   

So, when you engage in conversation, make it a mission to let them speak and listen to what they say to the end. Avoid constantly interrupting them because you want to say something.   

Also, keep eye contact with your interlocutor; this shows your interest in engagement. Doing so is also a sign of empathy, which is a feminine quality.  


The way you express your emotions, especially when out, will increase or decrease your femininity. For example, crying can get you more feminine points than shouting.

Therefore, people can easily accept a woman who cries outside, even find it a highly feminine trait, but will see no feminine feature in a woman who harshly expresses herself.   

So, women should understand that emotions play a vitally important role in their femininity. Therefore, understanding how to control and express your feelings is gold.  

You will appear more feminine if you:  

. Are not always quick-tempered to react and act    

. Show empathy and compassion towards a situation.

. Are gentle in the way you handle people and things. 

So, when you are out, and you want to be perceived as feminine, ensure to control the way you react to random and unpredictable circumstances and people because your whole demeanour is scrutinised.  

7 great ways to show off your femininity. By chatykany.


7 great ways to show off your femininity include vulnerability. Vulnerability is a femininity trait. Women, by nature, are thought to be gentle and vulnerable and need to be cared for, to be protected.

So, fully embrace vulnerability. So, often show that you have weaknesses and fears that you need protection.   

Doing so will not make you look weak; on the contrary, vulnerability can be a strength, as you can be authentic, honest, and feminine.  


7 great ways to show off your femininity. Another essential femininity feature is sensuality. Sensuality goes way over physical aspects; it involves all senses. So be this woman in perfect tune with all her senses, including taste, smell, sight, touch, and sound.   

And fully use them. For example, the way you look at things should reflect your thoughts. You can languorous look at a man, gently touch, slowly taste and masticate, have excellent listening skills, be voluptuous, and smell delicious.  


7 great ways to show off your femininity include:  

. Taking care of your appearance,  

. Movements,  

. Language and communication,  

. Listening skills,  

. Emotions expression,  

. Showing vulnerability,  

. Being sensual.  

Can you think of other ways? Please share in the comments section.  

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