6 great ways women’s bodies change when turning 40. For most women, turning 40 is a dreading idea. A sign that youth could be something of the past. This fear could be well explained by the fact that most women in their 40s change drastically; the most apparent changes are putting on weight in the most unsighted parts of the body, wrinkles appearing and so on.

Your fortieth birthday is approaching, and you wonder what it would be like. You might be apprehensive, excited, scared, and sad, but certainly not impatient. Whatever your state of mind, turning 40 is a big step in someone’s life; it is significant and brings many changes.

Those changes are as much positive as negative, physical, and mental. The changes might happen gradually or sooner than expected, depending on individuals. Here are some changes to explain what to expect around your forties for women.  

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7 great ways women's bodies change when turning 40. By chatykany
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  1. PHYSICAL CHANGES 40 is a turning point in women’s lives. Women may experience several physical changes, like having grey hair and gaining more weight as metabolism slows down; some women seem to shrink due to the skin losing elasticity and progressive muscle loss. 

Therefore, the body would not be as firm as it used to be. Wrinkles will start appearing. Most of those changes could be delayed by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle, exercising and using appropriate skin care, and incorporating some supplements into your diet. 



changes are due to hormone imbalances—a reference to changes that would happen within women organisms. Around 40 women enter perimenopause, the 5-10 years before menopause: they may experience hormone imbalance, which can affect the metabolism and appetite, making it very hard to lose weight.

Some other changes are low bone density, making it easy to break a bone, and slowly recovering, the body would need more time to heal; around 40, women may develop lactose intolerance. A balanced diet and exercise help prevent or stop some of those symptoms.  

7 great ways women's bodies change when turning 40. By chatykany.

3. SENSES CHANGES  Turning 40 would cause some sensory changes, which could affect lifestyles. The most common modifications are sight decline, hearing loss, smell, and taste are affected too.

Those senses become less sharp. There are some devices like hearing aids, glasses…or having a healthy lifestyle and diet that can help to improve those senses. 



Around 40 women are at a greater risk of developing breast cancer. And this again depends on Individuals; the risk could be higher or lower. It depends as well on some other factors, such as family history, reproductive history, race, and more.

The older you get, the higher the risk of breast cancer. Regular cervical cancer screening would prevent any nasty surprises.  

5. LIBIDO MAY INCREASE Technically, at 40, women’s libidos would decrease because of hormonal changes. Dr Thoppil said ‘’ a drop in estrogen can make vaginal tissue drier, and sex can be painful. ’But usually at 40, women feel more liberated, have more confidence, accept their bodies and flaws, and are more experienced, know their bodies. Hence, they become more sexually active.  

7 great ways women's bodies change when turning 40. By chatykany.

6. CONFIDENCE INCREASED Women’s confidence skyrocketed around their forties. It is believed that people get more confident when they are getting older.

At 40, most women would care less about what other people think about them: they would rock their style and get rid of toxic people in their lives.

They would embrace their lives and decide to live them to the fullest, most of the time, unapologetically. They become stronger and more resilient.  


6 great ways women’s bodies change when turning 40. Many changes occur, including some physical changes, internal changes, sense changes, risk of cancer increased, libido may increase, and confidence increased.

Do you know other changes that may happen? Please share in the comments section.

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