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5 great ways men change around the age of 40. Turning 40, for a man or woman, brings without a doubt some changes. As someone said, ‘40 is the end of youth’. But let’s not be taken aback. The changes expected could be physiological, mental, or both. Indeed, stepping into 40 is not as exciting for most people, anticipated as when turning 30 years old. For males, it is a significant turning point; they undergo some changes too.

The changes involve as many advantages as inconvenient, and They could come gradually, or all at once. They could as well happen sooner than expected. It all depends mainly on the individual. Here are five changes to expect when turning 40 for a man.  

1  –   MORE CONSCIENTIOUS                                                                                                                          Around age 40, the majority of men would start to stop doing several things they used to do. They will have some reality checks. And this would result in Most of the men slowing down on the way they live their lives, e.g., less partying, less drinking; they will look out for long-term relationships to short-term ones or simple flings. They will have a rethink their lifestyle. Most of them start taking life more seriously.

It is the time to be more ‘’responsible’’, and get their priorities straight like being serious about settling down and really thinking about taking this mortgage. This is when they will stay away or get rid of toxic people around them, therefore trying to have a healthy lifestyle.  

5 great ways men change around the age of 40. By chatykany

2 – PHYSIOLOGICAL CHANGES  Men and women go through some physical changes when they clock 40. Men, when turning 40, indubitably start to see some physical changes in their bodies. Grey hairs will start appearing here and there due mostly to the decrease in the amount of melanin produced by the body.

Their eyesight will start deteriorating as well, often reading glasses would be needed, and so are regular visits to the ophthalmologist.

The same goes with hearing; the taste and the smell senses would not be the same. Hair will appear in places such as the back, the nose, and the ear.

And let’s not forget the wrinkles, more apparent on the face. A piece of good advice would be to keep all those organs in check and adopt a healthy lifestyle.  

3 – INTERNAL CHANGES Around 40 men’s metabolism decreases, which caused a diminution of muscle mass. Now Recovery from an injury would take much longer than before. Testosterone hormone production will significantly drop;

testosterone is a significant hormone that helps control libido, gives energy, affects behaviour, and promotes muscle gain. Hence,e the decrease of this hormone would negatively affect all of those functions.   

5 great ways men change around the age of 40. By chatykany

4 – FEWER ERECTIONS Another change that might happen to men around 40 is a decreasing number of erections they could have, meaning they will have fewer erections. The time between erections increases, and the recovery time increases.

This can affect men’s sex life, usually in a negative way.  The decrease in testosterone production may affect as well as men’s sex drive.  

5 – INCREASE RISK OF COLON CANCER AND GROWTH OF THE PROSTATE Men around 40, are at increased risk of developing colon cancer. It is essential to get screened regularly to check for any abnormality.

Men will also experience an increase in the size of their prostate. Urinary troubles and painful ejaculation are symptoms of an enlarged prostate. In some cases, This could be treated. Leading a healthy lifestyle can significantly help. 


Men, what happens when you turn 40? Many changes happen, including being more conscientious, physiological changes, internal changes, fewer directions, and increase risk of colon cancer and growth of the prostate. Do you know about other changes? Please share in the comments section.

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