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Tips you need to stick to new year's resolutions. By chatykany

  Tips you need to stick to new year’s resolutions. It is that time of the year again when you make new resolutions that you vow to stick to and have results before the end of the year. You may have the will, the desire, and the motivation, at the beginning to make and stick to those changes.

Somehow, down the line, you may find yourself struggling to implement those resolutions, causing you to either not perform correctly what you have to do or leading you to stop altogether implementing the new changes within a few weeks or months into the year.

Different reasons can cause this inability or disinterest. Whatever the reasons, here are some tips that you need to know to stick to your new year’s resolutions.  

1# HAVING THE RIGHT MINDSET It is critical to have the right mindset. You should know what you want and be motivated enough. When you Have the right mindset and a plan, you can accomplish what you are yearning for.

Improving your mindset, and shifting it positively, will definitively improve your life. The key here is to believe in yourself and get started.  

Tips you need to stick to new year's resolutions. By chatykany

2# TAKING IT EASY, ONE STEP AT A TIME                                                                                          It is quite challenging to replace unhealthy habits and behaviours with healthy ones at once. The first thing you should do is set up attainable goals within a set amount of time.

Although some people can work on a couple of goals simultaneously, this could be challenging and overwhelming for the average person.

So, make it easy for yourself, to choose, and work on one goal at a time to guarantee success, at a comfortable pace.  

3# SHARING YOUR RESOLUTIONS, YOUR GOALS  Do not keep your resolutions a secret, yourself. You can talk about them to friends and family members for support. Joining a support group would be a good idea.

Sharing your new resolutions or goals make you accountable for them, therefore motivating you to achieve them. You can also make yourself responsible through a written or verbal promise, and from time to time, remind yourself about that promise.  


4# PLAN, PLAN, PLAN Having a plan is a must. Whether your resolutions relate to weight loss or finances, it is essential to follow a plan. You should plan well ahead of how you want to implement your resolutions, and the methods you want to use. as the saying goes, ‘failing to plan is planning to fa.

You need to know your strengths, and weaknesses, your triggers for setting back, what makes you go off the rails, and understand what can keep you strongly motivated. Then make your plan taking into account all these options. 


5# MONITORING YOUR PROGRESS, BE KIND TO YOURSELF  It is a good idea to keep track of your progress and successes, any small step towards your goals. Celebrate small victories as the big ones. Be happy anytime you feel that you move forward.

Please do not dwell on past mistakes but learn from them and do not repeat them. Think about what did work for you and what did not work for you; repeat what works best for you. Be always appreciative of the small successes as they will lead to the big ones.  

Conclusion:                                                                                                                                          Tips you need to stick to new year’s resolutions include having the right mindset, taking it easy, one step at a time, sharing your resolutions, and your goals, planning, planning, planning, monitoring your progress and being kind to yourself.

Do you know any other tips that could help to stick to new year’s resolutions? Please share in the comments section.  

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