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Tips and tricks to know to save money in 2021. By chatykany

Tips and tricks to know to save money in 2021. Saving money figures in a good place on most people’s new year resolutions. Most of us always plan to save more. This is an excellent resolution.

People have different reasons to save money, including preparing for rainy days, unexpected emergencies, retirement, buying a desired item, and travelling. You may want to save some money.

The task would be challenging if you are not naturally a savvy person. So, you need to know ways to save as much as possible your hard earn money. There are many various ways to save money

without denying yourself or looking like a cheapskate. Implementing some or all of these methods will undoubtedly improve your financial life, if not make you wealthy at least on your way. Here, you can find a few easy techniques to help you save some money.

1. ESTABLISH A BUDGET                                                                                                                 

Tips and tricks to save money in 2021. Always work from a budget. The first thing to do is to know how much money is coming into your bank account and how much is going out the spending. To do so, write down your revenues and expenditures on paper.

It would benefit you to know your spending habits, from that exactly you can then establish a budget, for example, let’s say you have £1000 as income, you usually spend around 800, you want to cut down the expenditures to 500 and save the rest, so now you will establish a budget of 500 for your needs, try as much as you can to stick to it.


 Tips and tricks to know to save money in 2021. Once you establish your budget, you should only spend on things you NEED and not things you WANT.

It would help if you refrained from following the trend, which always incites spending on things you do not necessarily need. Try to stay away from sales as much as possible, especially if you are a ‘bargain-lover’; you always end up with what you do need because you didn’t want to miss a bargain.

Only buying things you genuinely need will help you surely increase your savings.

Tips and tricks to know to save money in 2021. By chatykany

3. LIMIT USE OF CREDIT CARD, STORE CARDS                                                                           

You should limit or stop using credit cards or store cards as usually, interest rates are high, especially if you fall behind your payment. If you still want to use those cards, try always to take offers of zero per cent transfer balance.

Transferring credit card debt to an interest-free balance transfer credit card means you are not paying the high interest; therefore, you can concentrate on paying back your own money.


Tips and tricks to know to save money in 2021. To avoid penalties, and late payment fees, which could be quite a substantial amount, consider using direct debit for your essential bills such as energy, water, car insurance, …

It is an excellent idea to carry cash for your shopping; this will somehow motivate you to stick to the amount of money you only have. Therefore, help you to save.

5. SHOP WISELY, USE SECOND-HAND ITEMS                                                                                     

It would help if you are savvy when spending on things. Only spend on things you need, and stay away from offers or promotions such as buy one get one free, or half-price sales, these marketing techniques sometimes encourage you to purchase things you do not need.

It is a good idea always to make a shopping list when going on groceries shopping, make sure to stick to your list, otherwise, you end up buying things you do not need.
Consider buying second-hand items, such as household items, and cars. There are most of the time perfect and will save you a ton of money.

Tips and tricks to know to save money in 2021. By chatykany


Tips and tricks to know to save money in 2021. Another thing to do is to open your savings account in another bank especially if you are someone who likes to do online banking; doing so will take the temptation away of you seeing what you are saved, the amount of money, and you want to spend those savings.

You can easily do that, check different saving rates, and choose the one that suits you.

7. CHECK YOUR BILLS                                                                                                                            It is a great idea to know when your bill contracts with providers end. After initial deals, prices usually increase. Understanding your energy, broadband, car insurance, and home insurance terms of the agreement is essential.

Knowing when a contract will allow you to switch providers or haggle with your existing one can help save money.


Tips and tricks to know to save money in 2021 include establishing a budget, stopping spending your hard-earned money on things you do not need, limiting the use of credit cards and stores cards, shopping wisely and using second-hand items sometimes; opening a saving account in a different bank; checking your bills.

Those are tips and trick that has helped me save some money, do you know other tips? Please do share in the comments section.

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