9 great ways to keep busy when confine at home. By chatykany

9 great ways to keep busy when confine at home. Many people will not know how to spend those unwelcome free time. you may suddenly find yourself With a lot of free time, confined at home, and not knowing what to do, and you will be facing some questions such as what to do? How to entertain and keep the children busy if you have some? How to stay active?

The usual entertainment, such as watching the television, going online on social media platforms, etc. can get quickly monotonous.   Here we share some fun ways, not new, but you can get creative around them to make them more enjoyable, ultimately you can use them to spend your time meaningfully. here are 9 fun ways to spend time when you are confined at home. 

1# USING FAMILY BOARDS GAMES Now is the time to use or fully make use of those board games sitting in your cupboards. Boards games such as monopoly, chess, the game of life, scrabble and many more are not only great for kids and grownups but are also great ways to spend time altogether; those games will entertain you and also widen your areas of knowledge.

Puzzle games are great too, they are a lot of them online, but it will be useful to play them physically. They are many types suitable for children or adults. You can choose according to your favourite subjects or hobbies.  

2# READING BOOKS Nowadays, books are not the obvious choice for a lot of people. But books are a great way to spend time. Reading books is made so easy nowadays, don’t want to read by yourself, listening to someone read to you, and audible is an excellent choice. Many options and resources are available out there.

Try to make it a habit. If you are not used to reading books, start reading for only a few minutes, and gradually increase the time. Children usually benefit from reading stories at bedtime, but they can benefit from reading in the daytime by themselves, especially since they do not have the opportunity anymore. Just make sure to read books you are passionate about. Otherwise, you will be put off.   

9 great ways to keep busy when confine at home. By chatykany

3# GARDENING   It might be a bit early to work on your garden, nether less you can start some little tasks to keep you busy. Spring is not that far; things are gradually coming back to life. You got to have a plan for your garden.

Remove dry leaves and other debris from flower beds and borders, cut old dead grows on plants, and top up the soils if needed. It is a good time as well to give a cleanout to your greenhouse, tidy up, and clear out.    

4# DO SOME DIY Another excellent ‘kill’ time is DIY (do it yourself). Now is the time to show your creativity and own it. They are many great ideas out there you can use for adults and children. You can find interesting inexpensive crafts.

A fun way to get crafty is to try sewing and doing some upcycling. Turning some old clothes into new ones, mend some unwanted clothes into reusable ones. Get creative, make pillows, stuffed toys, tables clothes, there are endless things to try.  

5# COOKING, BAKING Cooking is one favourite occupation for a lot of people, especially baking. You can improve your skills if you are an amateur or show off your skills if you are already an excellent cook.

If you have children, this is a great way to keep them busy and involve them. There are many simple and delicious recipes accessible through a book or a click away.  

9 great ways to keep busy when confine at home. By chatykany


6# EXERCISES   Exercises would be great to include in your daily routine. You must add them since confinement implies not going out, and restraining movement; therefore, exercising will help you remain healthy.

You can perform most workouts at home. YouTube and DVDs could be of great help.  


7# REDECORATE YOUR HOME Now is the right time to get on with all those redecoration ideas you’ve been putting off. Now, you have the time to declutter your house and make all these little changes you’ve meant to do but never have the time for, such as removing the carpet, plastering, tiling, painting, etc.   

8# LEARN A NEW SKILL With all this time in your hands, you can as well learn a new skill. This could be anything such as learning a new language, learning how to cook, gaining some self-development skills, how to properly take care of your garden, communication skills, how to dance, how to sew, etc. The good thing is there are a lot of accessible resources out there.  


9# CREATE SOME PASSIVE INCOME SOURCES  Now is the time to create some passive income sources. You can seize the opportunity to start a side business. You can do this in the comfort of your home online.

It could be time to join this affiliate program you are thinking about; write this eBook you are thinking about; try some basics investment, etc.   

Conclusion: 9 great ways to keep busy when confine at home, including all of the activities cited above. Those are a few activities you can do while in confinement. Can you think of other activities? Please leave a comment below.

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