6 great ways to keep you motivated. By chatykany.

6 great Ways to keep you motivated. It could be confusing or overwhelming to stay motivated to achieve your goals. Many different reasons could eventually lead you to demotivation going from all types of excuses to genuine causes. There will always be an excuse, a reason, something to keep you away from your goals, but keep in mind that nothing comes easily; and motivation is vital if you want to succeed. Without motivation, you cannot keep up with the hard work, and your plans. Here are some tips that you can apply in your life to stay motivated.    

  1. REMOVING YOUR INSECURITIES, FEARS AND DOUBTS To truly be motivated, you need to list your insecurities, your fears and doubts, and then face them head-on. You can jot down things that make you feel very insecure, something you fear, or dread the most, and then confront them by removing them from your life. The feeling of victory will be indescribable and will encourage you to do more, to stay motivated. It is believed that good things would happen to you whenever you cast out fears and insecurities and live life to the fullest. Go for what you desire and want. Change the story you tell yourself from negative to positive. Stop the excuses on why you can’t achieve this or that. Always have some positive thinking; keep telling yourself you can do it no matter what, and you keep trying your hardest.  
6 great ways to keep you motivated. By chatykany.

2. HAVE A DAILY LIST TO WORK WITH  Setting goals are essential. You may want to have long-term goals that you can break into short-term goals easily achievable. In this order, it is a good idea to have daily goals. For example, you can have a to-do list every day where you write down tasks you want to achieve on the day.

Class them per order of priority, and start with the most important task to you. Promise yourself to complete the tasks on your list or at least do the most important ones. Doing so would indubitably move you forward, a step closer to your goals. Having something written down gives you a better overview of what to do, and it is easier to work when you have a specific plan, a goal to reach.   

3. MAKE IT A HABIT TO PLAN Most or almost all high achievers have plans. Some have plans covering years to come, months to come. But you can take it easy and use ‘baby steps’. So, either the night before or early in the morning, establish your plan. 

Doing so prepares you mentally for the tasks to do and get you more motivated to finish them. It’ll also be useful to Set up a specific time for any particular task; this will provide you with more motivation to complete the task efficiently and quickly.  


4. BE SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE WHO CAN MOTIVATE YOU Be around people who lift your spirit. At times, you will have to cut off people with a negative mindset around you. Those who Always make you doubt yourself, your choices, and your decisions. It is essential to be around people who want you to succeed; 

it will make you feel more productive, with a great deal of improvement in your mood, motivation and confidence. As well you can give yourself some motivational reminders. For example, you can write motivational messages or quotes by sticking notes in places you can easily see.   

6 great ways to keep you motivated. By chatykany.

5. KEEP TRACKING YOUR PROGRESS   To keep you motivated; need to see results. Therefore tracking your progress could be very useful. Doing so is essential to motivation because you can see how far you came, and this help to keep up. They are different ways you can use to track your progress.  


6. KEEP THE END RESULT IN MIND  It is crucial to be motivated to get where you want to go. The first thing being positive is non-negotiable. Having a very positive mindset is essential to prepare you to keep going even if you encounter some obstacles. Just keep in mind the result; stay focused on that no matter what.  


Conclusion 6 ways to keep you motivated. Implementing all or a few of the tips cited above could help you stay motivated and allow you to move forward.   Would you please leave a comment if you have some tips to share?   

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