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How to stop spending cash you do not own? By chatykany

How to stop spending cash you do not own? Are you in a situation where you spend more than you earn or have? Do you have the feeling that your life went off track regarding money? Do you want to correct the situation and get your life back together as you desire? It could be that you realise that you are on the wrong track, that you are living a life you cannot realistically afford—a life you do not fancy anymore.

Or you may be in the process of decluttering your life and putting it back in order. To do so, you need to make quite some changes in your lifestyle.

To make it easy and bearable and prevent you from going back to your old way, you need ideas that would help stick to your new resolution, therefore helping you organise your life the way you want and save money.   

Here are some tips, if correctly implemented, which can significantly help you in your quest.   

1# ACKNOWLEDGING THE ISSUE  The first step is to recognise the problem. Acknowledging the problem is an essential part of resolving it. Accept that you have a problem, and measure the scale. Is it big or small? Then you take responsibility, I have caused this how do I solve it? Please do not try to blame others for the problem or minimise your role in it, doing so may lead to you making excuses.

Accept full responsibility; we all learn by making mistakes. By admitting that you have made poor choices or decisions, you are making the first step towards making better choices or better decisions in the future and not making the same errors. 

Remember that your choices, thoughts, and actions are in your control. Acknowledging this will help you to move forward. 

How to stop spending cash you do not own? By chatykany


  2# LEARNING DISCIPLINE                                                                                                                                                                                                        The second step consists of going back to basics literally. You want to stop yourself from going out of your way; the best process of achieving this is through discipline. Without discipline, it is nearly impossible to stick to your fair resolution. You will start up strongly, but you will be unable to withstand the temptation, which will lead to inconsistency, ultimately taking you back to your old ways.

So, it is crucial to get things done correctly from the start, and learn the basics. Take baby steps; that way, the changes will not overwhelm you. For example, you can decide not to buy anything extra for a week, and try hard to stick to this decision. You will gain a lot by mastering the basics.

Along with discipline, you may cultivate confidence, consistency and some more coveted habits. Getting the basics right is a large part of the task.   

3# BE ORGANISED                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The third step that will help you to get your life on track is to get organised. Proper organisation. You may want to get things organised around you. You may want to do each task separately, devoting enough time to do them correctly and at once. It is a good idea to set up a routine, and start with a simple routine.

For example, you can start making a to-do list; you write on a paper all the tasks you want to achieve on the day, you can write this list the night before or in the morning of the day. This will give you guidance on what to do throughout the day. Being organised and busy would undoubtedly prevent you from spending unnecessarily. Being organised can as well lead you to be frugal.

Frugality is not denying yourself simple things in life; you have to demonstrate some control and use things very moderately. Learn to budget your money to ensure that what you spent does not exceed what you plan.

And learn to fully use up the things you already have before purchasing new ones.   

How to stop spending cash you do not own? By chatykany


 Another tip you may want to adopt is to stop following beauty gurus and fashion influencers on social media. Those people can highly influence your decisions. They are among the triggers that could push and encourage you to spend money you do not have.

Especially if you want to live a life beyond your mean, a life that does not reflect who you are, but you follow the crowd and the new trend because you want to fit in.

Beauty and fashion influencers would make you buy anything, l mean anything. they are Always advertising the most recent, the latest, the coolest, etc. So be aware. Unfollowing them will make you save more money.   

5# ACCEPTING YOURSELF Another step to implement is self-acceptance. Most problems often arise as some people do not accept their reality; they are in denial; for example, they don’t like their body shape or don’t like their circumstances. So, they tried to fit into characters they are not. Doing so, they quickly go out of their way.

It is crucial to accept yourself, just the way you are. By accepting yourself and your circumstances, you will not be tempted to resemble or copy someone else lifestyle. Sometimes we identify with people, and characters, which are not us.

We are ready to do anything to fit in. By accepting yourself, the first person you would want to impress is yourself.   

How to stop spending cash you do not own? By chatykany

  6# APPLYING SUBSTITUTION                                                                                                                                                                                                    This step is essential. Now that you have started taking steps to put your life back together, and stop overspending, you may want to find some exciting things to do to replace what you use to do. 

As you remove something from your lifestyle, you need to fill up the hole left by the removal. It would help if you kept yourself busy, look for new hobbies, try new things that do not imply spending money, shopping such as reading, sewing, etc.

You can apply substitution for things you consume, such as food, for example, instead of eating out or ordering food, you can cook. This way, you save some cash.  

7# INVESTING IN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                                                                          The last tip but not least is investing in personal self-development. Work on yourself to change your mind, and your attitude. Look for ways to improve your skills, and learn new skills.

Everyone can learn new skills or improve the ones they already have. Investing in personal development can make a tremendous difference in your life and get you fast on the right track.

They are a lot of resources out there you can use. Those resources could be paid or free. Surely this will keep you busy and take your mind off activities that are not productive.  


Conclusion How to stop spending cash you do not own? by following part or all of these tips cited above such as acknowledging the issue; learning discipline; being organised; stopping following beauty gurus and fashion influencers on social media platforms; accepting yourself; using substitution for most items, and investing in personal development.

Those tips could be constructive. For sure, following any of these tips will show results.

Do you have or know any other tips that could help get your life together. Please do share, drop a comment below.    

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