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5 great ways to write a winning business plan. By chatykany.

5 great ways to write a winning business plan. Are you looking to start your own business? Then you might want to have a business plan.

It is not a secret that most companies fail to succeed within the first five years, despite a promising start-up. So, what does it take to make your business successful? Reasons leading to failure include poor customer service, poor management, poor marketing, inadequate products;

a major cause of failure is the lack of a business plan. Writing a business plan beforehand can help you define your vision. Help you stick and achieve your goal. Find below some points to highly consider when writing your business plan. 


1# write down your vision and set your goals

You should have a clear vision to start a business. You should precisely know what you want and how to get it. Your goal should be crystal clear in your mind.

To avoid forgetting the vision, or some details of the vision, you must write it down. However, when you write down your vision, you transform a dream into reality.

It will help you clearly identify your goal.  You should, on the same line, define all your goals. It is advisable to section your goals. You should have short-term goals that you intend to reach within a year.

Some midterm goals, the ones you want to realise within two to three years, and lastly, some long-term goals.

You may want to consider every aspect of the business, including your targeted population, income predictions, and several products or services.

5 great ways to write a winning business plan. By chatykany.


2# Determine what makes you unique

                                                                                                  You should think about what makes you different. Why should the customers come to you instead of your competitors? Because as we know, customers are overwhelmed with choices.

Finding an area where you can make a difference will make your business stand out, leading to success.

Those areas could be offering to personalise customer service, extended warranty, and slightly lower prices.

3# Find out about your target market and your customer

         Your business’s idea might be already utilised out there, this is common, and it should not put you off your project.

Some markets can sustain many businesses, and some not. That is why you must know your market.

Know if the market can accommodate many businesses, and learn about your competitors. Verify the current and future of the market, and study your turnover and profit margins.

This is the best time to investigate the demand in the market; you should do that before investing in the business.

The norm will be that the demand is more than the supply. At the same time, research your customers, who are essential to business.

You need to identify your ideal customers and know their habits, what they want and like, and their motivations.

Answering those questions will give you insights on what to do and ultimately guide you to success. 

5 great ways to write a winning business plan. By chatykany.

4# Set up your marketing goals and strategy 

   Once you clearly know your idea and have done your research, you should set up your marketing goals and strategy.

Marketing goals include the ways to present your products or services to customers, the determination of prices, and the ways to promote and distribute your products or services.

Once you have clearly defined goals, you need to implement the plan.  

5# Take the leap

 The most important and last step is to take the leap and start; unless you start, the idea will remain a wish. And all other efforts will be wasted.

So, you need to start, implement everything you put down, and learn from your plan to succeed.  


5 great ways to write a winning business plan. A business plan will certainly provide the direction and guidance you need to succeed in your enterprise. 

 These tips will be of great help if followed.

Do you have any other tips? Please share in the comment box.

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