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what you need to know about sexual fantasies.By chatykany.

What you need to know about sexual fantasies. Have you ever fantasised about someone else who is not your partner? We all do to some degree.

According to Wikipedia, ‘a sexual fantasy or erotic fantasy is a mental image or pattern of thought that stirs a person’s sexuality and can create or enhance sexual arousal. ‘

You may be in a serious, loving relationship but still have sexual fantasies. 

We fantasise for different reasons, including:

. curiosity about different sexual sensations;

. other arousal methods;

. escaping reality;

. meeting unfulfilled needs;

. exploring asexuality taboo desire;

. plotting out a future sexual encounter;

. to relax or reduce anxiety;

. feeling more sexually confident;

. because of boredom.

Experts say This is entirely normal. 

 A psychologist says that “our minds are protected spaces where we can openly loosen and detach ourselves from social norms. It’s okay to get creative in our imaginations. We are liberated from responsibility and constraints, and we have an outlet for the many parts of ourselves that cannot be safely expressed in real life”.

Let’s hasten to add normal to some degree. 

Therefore, do not feel ashamed of your more profound erotic thoughts.

On the contrary, some fantasies can be revealing and constructive for partners. 

 Here we share in what sense sexual fantasies could be a good thing and a bad thing.  

what you need to know about sexual fantasies.By chatykany.


The majority of people are subjected to typical fantasies. They are Natural. It is normal to fantasise about another person.

The human mind is creative and exploratory. And fantasising is one way of expressing our sexual needs and wants.    

Also, they are beneficial. Psychologists say they are signs of deeper psychological desires when feeling lonely or unhappy.  

So, they can allow you to discover your deeper inner sexual needs and desires.

Hence, enabling you to amend your sexual life.

You will have an insight and understanding of your sexual needs. When acted upon, it could be a natural way of adding sexual variety to monotonous relationships.  

also, they are useful in spicing up your sexual relationship by compelling you to try new things. Hence, by incorporating new elements into your sexual life. as well as being more creative in bed, and giving you more sexual pleasure.

Therefore, contribute to reinforcing your relationship.  

what you need to know about sexual fantasies.By chatykany.


You might want to get rid of some very unusual fantasies. Sometimes we can have some dreams which we know deep down are wrong. Some of these fantasies will include

the act of incest,



and atrocities.

So, these fantasies will mainly focus on morally and socially forbidden acts. Therefore, we should not fixate on such sexual fantasies. Which, instead of benefiting us and serving us right, will put us in trouble.  

When this occurs regularly, seek professional help.

Deviant fantasies could lead to different mental disorders. They can change your personality.

As professor Dennis Reidy, a specialist on interpersonal violence, says: ‘People who have aggressive fantasies are more likely to be aggressive, whether it’s physically or just a sense of irritability or hostile personality.’  

Adding that ‘thought does not equal action’ is good. So, you should not feel bad because of your fantasies.

It’s only when they become frequent and you decide somehow to act upon them that there is ground for concern.  


What to know about sexual fantasies? The answer is simple. It is normal and beneficial to have fantasies to some degree.

You must avoid crossing the line between typical, normal fantasies and unusual, dangerous ones.  

Do you have a take on the subject? Please do you mind sharing in the comments section?

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