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What does it mean to love someone? By chatykany

What does it mean to love someone? There are different types of love. Here we are interested in romantic love. Romantic love has a different meanings, different levels and expressions for people.

The common belief about love is that it is a set of positive emotions, including happy feelings and excitement. So, people perceive and express love in various ways.

Being in love, your heart race makes you happy to see the person, makes you want to see the person all the time, and makes you want to be really close physically.

But there is indubitably something more to love than these happy emotions, heart fluttering and racing…because most of them wear off in the future. So, what sustains love between two people in the long run?

So, what does it mean to really love someone? Here we will share some values known to be part of true love.

Those values give a solid foundation to romantic love when the first sparks volatilize.  


In romantic relationships, loving someone means supporting them through thick and thin. Also, you must be loyal to your partner and stand by them no matter what, especially in the public eye.

If your partner does something wrong in any public setting, such as with family members or with friends, stand by them when this occurs and then correct them in private when you are alone.

Moreover, there is a need for your partner to see and feel your support and loyalty. They need to know that you have their back no matter what. 

What does it mean to love someone? By chatykany



Security is a significant factor in a romantic relationship. So, if your partner feels insecure, chances are that the relationship is at risk of falling apart. Hence, ways to make your partner feel secure include: 

– commitment; acknowledging them publicly by recognizing them as, for example, being your girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancé/fiancée, husband/wife;  

– always be there for them when needed,  

– not keeping too many secrets from them;  

– defend them and protect them when needed…  

doing so will show your dedication, making your partner feel secure.  



Respect is fundamental in a romantic relationship; without respect, the relationship is bound to fail.

A healthy relationship is built when partners respect each other. Even when one partner is the biggest or only breadwinner of the family, he/she should respect the other partner unconditionally. Respect shows: 

– your love, your care, 

– your protection, 

– Respect shows safety, 

– for your consideration.

every relationship’s first step is respect. It would be best if you respect your partner by including them in most decision-making, not belittling them or badmouthing them with other people.

Appreciate and encourage their efforts.  

What does it mean to love someone? By chatykany



Trust is crucial in a romantic relationship. Failure to trust your partner should make you rethink the relationship. Trusting your partner gives you peace of mind and a sense of security.

There is no barrier basically when there is trust; this leads to fewer secrets and fewer arguments in the relationship.   



Loving and being in love means fully accepting your partner’s flaws. There is no point in being with someone and reminding them of their flaws at the first opportunity or argument.

That will be so on call for, unethical, and will not help the relationship. Doing so will fuel resentment from your partner and diminish their self-esteem.

In the long run, the relationship will be at risk.  


What does it mean to love someone? It takes much more than just the first sparks, the emotions.

Love means giving support and loyalty, providing security, respecting and trusting, and fully and unconditionally accepting the other one’s flaws.

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