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How to know if stuck in a relationship? By chatykany.

How to know if stuck in a relationship? It is not a secret that life is seldom perfect. So are relationships. All relationships have ups and downs, but somehow partners can manage and carry on the relationship.

When partners understand, respect, and compromise with each other, they can salvage even very complicated relationships. More often than, the partner loses their happiness. When this happens to you, you feel unfulfilled by the relationship.

You feel unhappy, empty and sometimes miserable. Sometimes you may know the reasons for your unhappiness. Some other times, no. It is easier to deal with the situation when you see the cause; you fix the issues.

It becomes more challenging to handle when you don’t know the reasons. It may also happen that you are aware of the source of the problems but cannot find a satisfactory solution.

Therefore, you will be left in a relationship that no longer fulfils you.

Here are some pointers to help you if you are in an unhealthy relationship



We know that you cannot always be happy, but do not neglect if you feel unhappy about your relationship more often. When you think about your relationship, your heart race in the opposite direction, meaning you feel many emotions but happiness and joy.

This could be conscious or unconscious. The reasons for that could be known or not. This is the result of some deep self-reflection. You feel trapped when you try to resolve the issues but to no avail.

Or you tried to know the reasons for the problems with no results. Or the same issues kept occurring even when you think there were dealt with.

In any case, in the end, you feel stuck, unable to go past the obstacle, leading to unhappiness.  

How to know if stuck in a relationship? By chatykany.


At some point in your relationship, you realise that there are many rules. Rules that somehow favour more one of the partners. Your partner may be too demanding, requiring you to adhere to rules you find unnecessary.

For example, partners who ask their partners to stop working and take care of children or partners who need their partners’ approval before accepting a job. Partners who are controlling. for example imposing on their partners what to wear, what to go, and who to socialise with.

When you feel that there are many limitations around you, you feel unhappy, especially if you think there is no way out after trying to fix the problem and failing to resolve it.  


One significant cause of feeling stuck is repeatedly doing the same things in a set-up routine.

It can overwhelm you to fall into a repetitive pattern, and this is a major cause of unhappiness in a relationship because boredom happens.

There is no more excitement. For example, you always have sex the same way, same place, same positions. You try or are trying to change things but failed.

You either quickly return to your old habits, or your partner cannot or does not want to change things. Therefore, you feel stuck.  

How to know if stuck in a relationship? By chatykany.


You can feel trapped in a relationship when you have a communication gap with your loved one. You realise that your opinions are not being taken into account or taken seriously.

Your partner always dismisses your point of view and takes all the critical decisions on their own.

When this often occurs regularly, you will feel as being ignored and not being listened to. And if you fail to fix the issues through different strategies, it will lead you to not feel an essential part of the relationship, making you feel trapped in it.  


Other common reasons to feel trapped in a relationship are having nowhere to go or no one to turn to. This often occurs with couples in a foreign country who moved to a new place far from their native homes and teams who do not socialise much.

When this happens, you could genuinely feel trapped in the relationship because you do not know another place to move to or have no one to help.

This happens to people who couldn’t even understand or speak the language where they were.  


How to know if stuck in a relationship? If you find yourself in some or all of these situations: such as

deeply feeling unhappy;

having to obey too many rules;

stuck in a routine;

feeling not being listened to or being ignored;

having nowhere or no one to turn to,

you are likely stuck in a relationship which no longer satisfies you.

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