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Great signs of being sexually compatible or not. By chatykany.

Great signs of being sexually compatible or not. It is not a secret that sex is essential in most romantic relationships. But it is not guaranteed that your partner, who is supposed to be the person you like, is sexually compatible with you.

So, it is common to see couples not sexually at the same level, meaning they do not have the same libido. However, some couples can manage if the difference between their sexual needs is not too vast.

Others, on the other hand, could face serious difficulties leading to arguments, adultery, and, most of the time, end up in breakups. So, how do you know if you are sexually compatible or not with your partner?

Here we provide some signs to determine if you are or not.  


It is not difficult to know if you are compatible with your partner. Being compatible does not necessarily mean that you both have a high sex drive.

There are a few common scenarios: both partners have a high sex drive, both have an average sex drive, or both have low or absent libido.

In any of these cases, for partners to be sexually compatible, they must have the same or similar sexual relationship or behaviour towards sex. They need to have the same sex drive. 

Therefore, in a relationship where both partners have the same high sex drive: they often have sexual intercourse. A lot more than average.

They both have a thing for sex and share the same ‘fire’ in bed. Moreover, they do not shy away from trying new things; their sex drives match, and they are willing to try new sexual experiences.   

In a relationship where both partners have an average sex drive, both partners have an average sex drive, meaning they are content and satisfied with a few sexual interactions. Those few interactions could be intense, too, even if only a few.

None of them is crazy about sex, so they are still compatible. They match each other needs.   

In a relationship where partners have low or non-existent libido, this type of relationship is primarily sexless. Or have a very rare sexual encounter.

The partners are compatible if this is their choice and if they are happy.  

Great signs of being sexually compatible or not. By chatykany.


The relationship where the partners are not compatible is relatively easy to spot. For instance, if you are in this type of relationship, the first thing that popped is that the partners’ sex drive is different.

One partner will keep making excuses to have sex, denying the other partner. There will be more arguments about sex, sometimes leading to more severe issues such as cheating, adultery, and separation.

Not having the same sex drive should not be an issue. Once you realise a problem, you may want to take appropriate action. If you are the problem, meaning you are not keeping up sexually, try to improve yourself, increase your libido to match up or find a compromise with your partner.

You can learn anything if you have the will. If the issue lies with your partner, communicate with them diplomatically to find a solution.

As Esther Perel, a Belgian psychotherapist, said, ‘fix the sex, and your relationship will transform.’  


Being sexually compatible or not with a partner. Simply put, you are if you have the same sexual behaviours as your partner.

You are not if you do not; in this case, you can take proper steps to keep up with your partner as advised.

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