10 great problems seen with couples. By chatykany.

10 great problems seen with couples. All relationships meet at some point some problems and challenges. The way to go past those issues dramatically depends on the partners’ attitudes towards them.

One’s attitude can make a problem smaller or bigger. There are different issues at nearly every step of a romantic relationship. Going from the early stages to sometimes at the very end. Some problems are inherent to romantic relationships.

Here are the 10 most common problems in a romantic relationship.  


Communication is essential in any relationship. Therefore, a romantic relationship lacking proper or mismatched communication is bound to meet many challenges.

Some couples lack communication because they are too busy or afraid to discuss specific topics. They want to avoid frustrating or upsetting one of the parties.

All these build up and could cause severe issues in the relationship in the long run. 

10 great problems seen with couples. By chatykany.



It is common to see partners having different opinions on some matters. So, having different views could cause issues.

Then these escalate and cause arguments, resulting in partners growing apart. Different opinions could uncover a difference in core values, which is much more severe.

And this could ultimately cause the partners to drift apart for no apparent reason because they see the relationship differently.   


Money is another big issue in some relationships. There are a few scenarios.

Both partners lack money. What they have is not enough, so they hold each other responsible.  

The partners do not lack money but disagree on managing their finances. One partner might think they are doing more or are being taken advantage of.  

Or one of the partners is a big spender but is not bringing in enough money, so they disagree.  

Whatever the scenarios you may be in, know that this is a common issue that can be solved by both partners’ input.  

10 great problems seen with couples. By chatykany.


Infidelity is another big issue in most relationships. So, one partner might be deceiving the other by entertaining an extra affair outside.

When disclosed, this could take a significant toll on the relationship. Some couples manage to go past this obstacle, but others do not.

So, unfaithfulness or adultery is an important reason for breakups and divorce. It brings distrust upon the partners even when the culprit repents.  

5# SEX   

Sex is a significant source of problems in a relationship. The issues arise when there is a difference in sex drive. One partner might have a high libido, and the other might have low libido.

In this example, the couple could manage for some time. Maybe the partner with the high sex drive is denied or refraining themself from keeping up with the other one.

Or the partner with a low sex drive is trying to surpass, to overwork themself to please the other one.

At some point, they will get tired of doing this. Therefore, the problems will start. Mismatched sex drives could lead to arguments, betrayal, and infidelity.

10 great problems seen with couples. By chatykany.



Not feeling appreciated in a relationship could make one think unvalued and unloved. And when this happens, the relationship loses some strength and becomes fragile.

So, if one partner does not show Appreciation and takes the other for granted, things always degenerate.

The unappreciated one will feel taken advantage of, feel overwhelmed and then retaliate. Hence, this could lead to endless arguments, ultimately leading to breakups.



Parenting is another point where sometimes problems arise. So, issues usually appear when partners have different parenting approaches.

It is the case when the partners have different core values. And they want to teach the children. So, each Partner will think their own way is the best, therefore dismissing the other partner’s way of doing.

This could be a serious issue. as the children could get confused.  

10 great problems seen with couples. By chatykany.


Some people carry the trauma of their past relationships and let these experiences affect or influence their current relationships.

So, they will continually compare their partner to their exes. Therefore, making their current partners feel like being in constant competition. This could take a toll on the partner.

No one likes to be told that they are doing less than someone else. Whether it is a good comparison or not, it shouldn’t be done. As the famous saying state, ‘Let’s the bygones be bygones’, and move on. 



Some people can be very jealous of their partner’s achievements. They want to be the only ‘light’ in the relationship. They do not like to be outshined by their partner.

So, Jealousy is a widespread relationship problem. This is shown by the partner’s lack of support. Also, the partner creates obstacles. And having abusive behaviour involving emotional or physical abuse.

Hence, one partner Is excessively controlling.



Addiction can take many forms. Such as shop alcoholic, alcohol, drug addiction, and gambling. And is a major issue in relationships.

So, having a partner with some addiction is very stressful and can cause severe issues in the relationship. It can take a non-negligible toll on the enduring partner.

Moreover, addiction can lead to financial problems. Also, cause emotional issues and physical abuse.  



10 problems seen with couples in relationships include:  

. Lack of communication,  

. Having different views,  

. Finances,  

. Unfaithfulness,  

. Sex,  

. Lack of Appreciation,  

. Children,  

. Traumas from past relationships  

. Jealousy  

. Addictions  

 These are the most common challenges that couples face. Do you know some more issues? Please share in the comments box.  

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