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5 great reasons that lead men to infidelity. Cheating in a relationship is usually referred to as infidelity.

‘Infidelity is a violation of a couple’s emotional and or sexual exclusivity that commonly results in feelings of anger, Sexual jealousy, and rivalry.’ according to Wikipedia.

Cheating is common in relationships. Either partner can do it.

But, we will focus in this article on why some men cheat?

Why do they indulge in extra affairs?

However, men have extramarital for very different reasons.

They may be pushed into it, or this is a habit, or they may have psychological issues.

Here, we share 5 common reasons why men cheat.  

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5 great reasons that lead men to infidelity. By chatykany


Some men cheat because they are unhappy.

Their relationship may not provide them with what they want. Therefore, they feel unfulfilled.

Moreover, they feel stuck with a partner they do not love anymore. Or, they stay because the relationship involves children.

Also, maybe for financial reasons.

Therefore, to compensate for this lack of happiness, they will look for someone to fill the hole in their hearts.   


Sexual dissatisfaction is a significant cause of infidelity among men. Some men cheat because their sexual needs are not met by their partners.

Hence, they need more than they get.

So, they may have a higher sex drive, and their partners’ libido is not up to the game. Usually, they do not have the same sexual behaviours as their partners.  


Some addictions cause some men to commit adultery. Indeed, addictions, including drugs and alcohol abuse can affect a person’s capabilities.

Hence, putting them at risk of doing things like cheating. Things they would not do under normal circumstances.

Some men have sex addictions. So, their partners cannot satisfy them. Therefore, they look for sexual gratification elsewhere.  

5 great reasons that lead men to infidelity. By chatykany


bipolar disorder is a significant factor in infidelity.

Also, Men with Narcissism characteristics are more luckily to cheat.

Cheating is not a big deal for narcissistic men. They have no empathy.

As well, they have no sense of guilt.  


some men are used to cheating. They cannot stop. Therefore, they will find ways to cheat no matter what their partners do.

Those men have the habit of cheating. and some practices are tough to lose.

So, ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’. Some men are incapable to remain faithful to only one sexual partner.

They may calm down for some time but eventually return to their old ways of cheating.

Sometimes just because they are bored or for the thrill of it.  

5 great reasons that lead men to infidelity. By chatykany


5 reasons that lead men to infidelity include:  

. Unhappiness,  

. Sexual dissatisfaction,  

. Addictions,  

. Mental illness and psychological issues  

. Habits  

There are many more reasons, but those are the common ones.

Do you know any other reasons? Please share in the comment section.  

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