5 ways to tighten the vagina. After having my three beautiful children, all delivered by natural childbirth, I was horrified to notice that my vagina was not what it used to be; it wasn’t as firm and tight as before. And this brought a whole lot of stress into my life. A vagina can lose elasticity due to natural childbirth, loss of oestrogen age, some health issues. At first, I neglected the problem, but then it did not take long for me to realise that I needed to face the issue head-on and as soon as possible. Because sexual intercourses were not as comfortable and enjoyable as they used to be, the most significant inconvenience was being incontinent at times. So, I started looking for diverse ways to regain some elasticity down there. To my surprise, I discovered many methods women can use to make their vagina firm and tight again. That was a significant relief to know that something could be done. Here are the techniques that I have found:


There are specific exercises, called Kegels exercises, that can help a woman to strengthen her pelvic floor muscles. This includes the bladder, the uterus, the bowel. Kegels exercises significantly improve the pelvic floor muscles elasticity. You can do Kegels exercises with or without equipment. I tried them and loved them; I found it easier to do them with the help of some appropriate gadgets. These give you guidance, prompt you to contract or release the muscles. You can find many free helpful resources out there to guide you to efficiently practice.


Another alternative is to go through surgery, vaginoplasty. This is aim to tighten the vagina. The process basically removes some parts of the vagina to reduce the size. The procedure is straightforward and much quicker; you should allow some time for complete healing; you are then good to go. I did not consider this option at this point.


In my research, I came across many ways women can use and are using to tighten their vaginas. This includes using some herbal remedies by steaming, douching, apple cider vinegar for rinsing, homemade pessaries, … I must admit I did use some. I had temporary results. Some of these methods are not recommended because there is no guidance around the dosage. So do not attempt without medical advice.


Another way to tighten the vagina is through laser treatment. And this seems to be trendy now. The treatment involves a non-invasive procedure by inserting a laser speculum into the vagina. One example of this is IntimaLase, which is a proven method. There are quite some positive reviews about it. I did not plan for this alternative for now.


I also found out that there are some medicines you can take to tighten your vagina. These medicines come in different forms. They come as oral pills to swallow or liquid form to apply on the vagina areas. These medications usually contain phytoestrogen, a plant-based oestrogen. The manufacturers claimed that using these products will make your vagina tighter and firmer.


5 ways to tighten the vagina. By choosing and implementing one or more of these options:

– Exercises,

– Surgery,

– Home remedies,

– Laser treatment,

– Medications

In some of these methods, you need to apply some caution and seek medical advice in others. Do you know any other way? Please share in the comment section.


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