How to be in charge of your life? We all understand that life is full of challenges we must pass or live with. And sometimes, along the way, some people lose control of their lives.

They may be aware of it or not. Situations where someone loses control of his/her life. Involve having some types of addictions such as drugs, substance abuse, and gambling.

Not having a say in decisions concerning their lives, such as having a controlling narcissistic partner or simply facing a situation where they initially have no choice, such as family issues. 

Many people have lost control over their lives in one way or another. So, we share some proven tips and ideas that show how to reclaim your power in your adult life.  

 These tips, if implemented, will help you be in charge of your life if you are in this situation.  

How to be in charge of your life? By chatykany.


How to be in charge of your life? The first thing to do when you decide to be in charge of your life is to be honest with yourself. It may appear obvious, but it is not.

Some might argue that it goes without saying that it means you have been honest with yourself when you make the decision.

Not necessarily. It will be useless to turn your life around if you haven’t profoundly reflected on yourself.   

Moreover, this will give you a better knowledge of yourself and allow you to take constructive actions that align with your desires.

So, you should identify and investigate why you lost control in the first place.   

Then, take responsibility if it was your fault, acknowledge the problem, accept the consequences, forgive yourself and move on. If it wasn’t your fault, accept the situation has already happened, forgive whoever is responsible and forget.

Therefore, doing so will allow you to come to terms with what has happened and start afresh.  


It is commendable to want to fully be in charge of your own life. But it is important not to throw yourself head-on without any consideration.

So, one crucial point to consider is to know your strengths and weaknesses and start from that. You may be determined at first, but you quickly realise that you are a weak will. There are steps to take for every level of strength and weakness.

Steps may be tiny, small, medium, or long. Hence, you need to take the appropriate steps that fit you to succeed. 



How to be in charge of your life? By chatykany.

 How to be in charge of your life? Being financially independent plays a significant role in being in charge of your life. And it is crucial. It allows you to make your own decisions and stick to them without fear of consequences.  

Therefore, You cannot affirm being in charge of your life if you depend on someone else financially. You may do things you would not normally do to please them and continue getting their financial help.

So, be on top of your finances and understand your money. Make a budget and keep your spending within your budget with your income. If you do not have a job, look for or create one and stick to it.  



Taking responsibility for your own life is crucial. Some people like to play the blaming game. They tend to always blame other people for their own shortcomings.  

Your happiness is your responsibility. Therefore, you should not expect someone else to make you happy in the relationship. So, try not to repress or accept the unacceptable for someone else to be satisfied.

You are destroying your own happiness. Moreover, it would be best to do what really matters to you and make you happy. However, should it pose a problem, you may be in the wrong relationship.  


How to be in charge of your life? Simply by implementing these tips:  

. Being honest with yourself,  

. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses,  

. Being on top of your finances,  

. Controlling your love life  

Do you have any other recommendations? Please leave them in the comment section. 

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