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6 great ways a man can support his woman. By chatykany.

6 great ways a man can support his woman. We all know that women are different from men. Indeed, biologically and physically, women are naturally less robust than men.

And since the beginning of times, men have had the upper hand in relationships. Also, they are usually the ones to decide the future direction of relationships.

This fact is less noticeable in some countries but still very pronounced in others nowadays. Hence, men are and remain the head of the family. Despite men supposing being domineering, many understood that women were the backbone of their lives, essential supports.

So, they found ways to make their women feel special, treat them well, and support them. It doesn’t sometimes take much to make your woman feel unique and supported.

Here are some simple tips to make your woman happy and feel supported.  


6 great ways a man can support his woman. When a woman feels respected by her man, she can give everything to this relationship. Therefore, she feels wanted, loved, valued and appreciated. So, she will do everything within her power, everything she can, to preserve that respect.

Therefore, men, show your woman respect. Let her know you value her opinions, that she matters, and let her know she is your priority.  


6 great ways a man can support his woman include protecting her. When a woman feels protected by her man, she feels safe and in good hands. The woman will have the assurance that someone has her back and have the confidence That someone stands by her.

This gives her trust in the relationships. So, men, protect your women and do not let anyone mistreat or disrespect them. Be from your family members, friends or colleagues.

Hence, stand by her in public and correct her in private.  


Do not listen to your woman just for the sake of listening. Listen to what she is saying and act accordingly. If she is drawing your attention to some issue that needs solving, listen to her.

If what she is proposing is better, implement her solution. However, if what she is offering is not reasonable, respectfully discuss it and find a convenient solution together.

Moreover, a woman feels empowered when her man listens to her. 

6 great ways a man can support his woman. By chatykany.


6 great ways a man can support his woman include letting her be herself. Some men want to change their women once the relationships are established. What they previously found okay when they were courting the women turned unacceptable for them now. Some examples include:  

. How the women dress: the men will want the women to change their dress under the pretence that they are exposing, showing too much, or the clothing is no longer appropriate.  

. The women’s social life: the men will want to prevent their women from having a social life. They will prevent them from going out with some people or going to some places.  

Moreover, a man who lets his woman be herself will be happier, as the woman will be happier by not being restricted.  


A man can support his woman by helping her with her ambitions. He can support her career by helping her grab or create opportunities.

Also, he can help her alleviate pressures from family life and solve or remove all obstacles and challenges.  

6 great ways a man can support his woman. By chatykany.


A generous man is a man who implements all these tips and more. He respects his woman, protects her, listens to her, lets her be herself, and supports her ambitions.

Moreover, he manages to do all that while remaining the head of the family. While assisting his woman in any other way, financially, emotionally, etc.  


6 ways a man can support his women include:  

. Respecting her,  

. Protecting her,  

. Listening to her,  

. Letting her be herself,  

. Supporting her ambitions,  

. Being generous and loyal  

These are some common tips. Do you know any other tips?  

Please share in the comment box below. 

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