5 great things women want in life after 40. Age 40 not only brings women some physiological changes but also some mental changes. So, most women in their 40s changed their perspectives.

Also, their way of seeing and handling things changed. So, they become more self-aware of their own person. Most of them realised that ‘they only have one life.

So, around 40, they soften or harden their behaviour; they try to recoup their losses, remedy their shortcomings, and implement new ways of living.

They have a clear picture of what they really are and want.

This article will discuss things women really want in life after age 40.  

5 great things women want in life after 40. By chatykany.


Around 40, life’s harsh reality sinks into most women’s brains; they start to see changes in their bodies. So, most women re-evaluate their lives; they reflect profoundly on themselves, often resulting in the decision to shift their perspectives.

They realised they needed to put more into their lives to get more out of them. Therefore, they stop unnecessarily worrying and start to love and accept themselves.

Then they decide to live for themselves, putting themselves first; hence, they get more confident and embrace who they are.

Usually, they reassess people around them and get rid of some at this stage because they care less about other people’s judgement.

Therefore, they stop comparing themselves to others and stop being ‘people pleasers’. They don’t compromise too much.  


5 great things women want in life after 40. Once women experience all the changes they face around their 40s, most of them take action. They acknowledge and accept that their bodies are not the same as they used to be.

Hence, they recognise that they should change their ways or embrace new methods. Most of them will start prioritising self-care. They prioritise their health and look for ways to improve their well-being.

So, this led them to keep a check on their diets. Hence, they ensured to eat nutrient-rich foods, try to cut out processed foods and consume balanced diets.

Most of them make efforts to include some exercise in their lives by: 

. going sparingly to the gym, 

 . walking,  

. jogging, 

 . swimming,  

 . Yoga, etc. 

Also, most of them change their skincare routine. So, they incorporate ingredients that boost and maintain skin elasticity and firmness, such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and retinol. As well, they start wearing sunscreen consistently.  

5 great things women want in life after 40. By chatykany.


Around the age of 40s, most women absolutely want financial independence. Hence, it is when most of them deeply reflect on themselves.

So, If they are financially independent but are not content with what they are earning, they are most likely more open to changing direction or creating new income streams.

However, If they are not financially independent, the desire to be is more noticeable. Therefore, they will try everything and are more prone to take risks. Also, around this age, most women take saving money seriously.

Moreover, they start spending wisely to save.  


5 great things women want in life after 40. Confucius said, ‘We have two lives, and the second begins when we realise we only have one.’ so, around 40, most women realise they haven’t been living for themselves.

Also, they realise they have been missing out on their life, so most of them decide it is not too late to do these things. Therefore, they resolve to do them. These things usually involve:  

. Feeding their souls through taking professional development seriously, learning new skills,  

. Travelling to places, discovering new countries, new cultures, etc.  

. Giving back more to society, involving charity work, donations, etc.  

. Pursuit of their dreams. 

5 great things women want in life after 40. By chatykany.


Around their 40s, many women acknowledge the risk of finding themselves alone. This could happen through losing their partner, divorce, and children leaving the house. So, they start to find or create a strong support network. They do so by: 

. Reviving old friendships or creating new ones.  

. Making and spending time with friends, family, and colleagues.  

. Trying to involve themselves in their community’s lives.  


5 great things women want in life after 40 include:  

. Be there for themselves,  

. Create new healthy routines,  

. Be financially independent,  

. Do things they missed out doing,  

. Create a support network  

The list is not exhaustive. So, could you think of anything else?  

Please have your say and comment in the box below.  

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