5 great ways to start wearing all your clothes. It is no secret that women buy way more clothes than they actually wear. Statistics show that most women wear only 20% of their clothes, some even less.

So, the remnants stay stacked in wardrobes and are never worn. Many people are in this situation. They have many clothes but always wear the same old clothes, although their closets explode.

Women like to buy clothes and are given many opportunities by retailers. And sometimes, the temptation is just irresistible. With endless sales tactics, enticing offers including discounts, buy now, pay later, and pay on finance, etc.

It is just too difficult to not give in. But most of these clothes are never worn because the right occasion never happened. Reasons for not wearing the clothes include: they were not the right size but too good to be returned, or we just had too much, and they are just forgotten after the first excitement.

So how do you actually wear all your clothes? Here are some proven valuable tips that can help you. 

5 great ways to start wearing all your clothes. By chatykany.



5 great ways to start wearing all your clothes include decluttering. The first thing you may need to do is to declutter your wardrobe. Doing so will allow you to see what you really possess, the clothing items you have forgotten about, hence eliminating all the unfit clothing.

So, unsuitable clothing includes the clothes items you get attached to but somehow outgrow. Therefore, you keep them in the hope of losing weight to wear them again.

However, be honest with yourself while decluttering, do not hold onto something you cannot use. Hence, you can make 2 piles consisting of the following:  

. Clothes you are keeping that fit,  

. Clothes you are donating or selling or just throwing.  

You will feel lighter after decluttering because you will clearly know all your clothing. 



Now, you may have the clothing but lack the inspiration to put them together. So, the solution is to get some inspiration. There are many ways to do that.

You must first know your style and what clothing you feel comfortable in. Then, you can get inspiration from magazines, social media, television, and retailers’ stores.

Hence, whenever you see a style or mixture of clothes you like, please note it or take a picture to include in your arsenal or portfolio.

Moreover, look around and try to emulate what you see. 


5 great ways to start wearing all your clothes. By chatykany.


5 great ways to start wearing all your clothes. Some clothing items are never worn because they have been allocated and reserved for specific occasions. So, when these special occasions never happen, these clothes are condemned to remain in the back of wardrobes.

To avoid this situation, try to be flexible with your clothing. Avoid assigning some clothes to some occasions. Also, it is good to plan these in advance. And create the opportunity when the occasion is not coming.

Why does this dress have to be worn for this occasion? It doesn’t have to. Wear it for something else. If you were saving it for a special occasion, you could wear it for an occasion which is not so special.

Moreover, a slight shift in thinking and attitude towards clothes can make a big difference.  


It is of paramount importance to have a plan. Without a plan, you will fall back into your old habits of wearing the same clothes.

So, you must consciously choose to put into action all these inspirations you seek and get. Also, planning what you wear the day before or the week ahead is preferable.

If this proves difficult, you can start by choosing what you will wear the following day. Do not only plan in your head, but you also need to take the clothes out and try them beforehand to ensure they fit. And while you are at it, choose the accessories that go with the clothes.

So get everything ready in advance. That will help you avoid last-minute disappointment or rush. Importantly, this method will help you give a chance to all the clothes to be worn. 



5 great ways to start wearing all your clothes. Something many people found very helpful in helping make use of nearly all of their clothing is a clothes rail.

You do not necessarily need it as you can keep the clothes you took out of the wardrobe somewhere else, such as a chair, a part of your bed, or hang it somewhere outside the wardrobe…but this can look untidy and insightful.

However, a clothes rail presents better the sets of clothes you make; They look tidy and enticing. 

5 great ways to start wearing all your clothes. By chatykany.


5 great ways to start wearing all your clothes Include:  

. Decluttering,  

. Getting inspiration,  

. Being flexible,  

. Planning,  

. Using a clothes rail.  

These tips can significantly change how you dress, allowing you to wear all your clothes.  

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