4 great ways to get back on track after divorce. Divorce is, most of the time, a traumatic experience. It involves many more things than people initially expected. It usually affects all areas of your life.

Every divorce circumstance is different; some have it easy, while others have it hard. I was in the latter. Although I genuinely think that divorce was the best solution in my case, I did not feel any less afraid, confused, utterly terrified and lost.

I suddenly realised how little I knew or could do for things I deemed to be a man’s job and how heavily I relied on my partner. But I was determined to not let this set me back.

So, this is how I got back on my feet in different areas. 

4 great ways to get back on track after divorce. By chatykany.


4 great ways to get back on track after divorce. Most people feel drained after a divorce, regardless of their circumstances. Emotions play a significant part in this exhaustion.

Most divorcees are emotionally vulnerable, and it sometimes takes some effort to balance these emotions. In my particular case, I was left with low self-esteem, low confidence, afraid… Which resulted in a high level of stress.

I have been down for some time, and then one day, I decided that life must carry on and that I did not leave a life I deemed unsuitable to fall in despair.

So, first, I acknowledged and accepted the situation, tried to come to terms with my old life, forgave and moved on; then, I started taking care of myself, doing things that make me happy, taking one step at a time to avoid overwhelming myself.

I involve myself more with people around me, discussing what happened. I started to notice that I wasn’t too emotional about it, relaxed, and had my confidence back.  


4 great ways to get back on track after divorce. After a divorce, one is fully responsible for their finances. The transition can be easy if one is already prepared or financially literate, but it could be a disaster when you do not know about money management.

In my case, I wouldn’t say I was a complete rookie in the money game, but I must admit I lacked in many areas; for example, I wasn’t very mindful of my expenses and did not know how much I was exactly bringing to the table.

My divorce was a wake-up call; I had to face all the bills alone. So, I quickly educated myself and learned to efficiently budget. Now I know exactly how much money goes into my bank account.

How much to spend on my needs, and how much to allocate to my leisure expenses.  

4 great ways to get back on track after divorce. By chatykany.


4 great ways to get back on track after divorce. Getting back on your feet means being healthy and fit. So, it is essential to take care of yourself after a divorce.

When stressed out, I adopted some unhealthy habits such as binge eating and not exercising; needless to say, I put on a lot of weight.

So, I have decided to stop it and take action. Then, I started checking my diet and forcing myself to include some exercises in my routine.

Also, I did not attempt anything that would overwhelm me; I just stuck to simple things such as trying to snack less, walking, jumping rope, etc., and I have seen some good results.  


Socialising can help you get back on your feet after a divorce, healthy socialising. Therefore, do not withdraw yourself; keep in touch, reconnect with some people, and try to expand your circle of family and friends.

In my case, this step proves crucial; I am naturally an introvert. At first, I withdrew, keeping everything to myself; I wouldn’t open up to my few friends.

I realised after some time that this was doing more harm than good. So, I started reaching out to people and talking about my experience.

You learn a lot when you open up. You begin to see things that you couldn’t see.  

4 great ways to get back on track after divorce. By chatykany.


4 ways to get back on track after divorce, Including getting back  

. Emotionally,  

. Financially,  

. Physically,  

. Socially.  

Managing these four areas allows me to get back on my feet and get my life back on track. These will undoubtedly be useful to you, too.  

Do you have any recommendations? Please leave your comment in the section below. 

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