4 great ways to have healthy skin in your 40s. As the famous saying goes, ‘Great skin doesn’t happen by chance; it happens by appointment.’ So, skincare should be taken seriously. Starting an efficient skincare routine for your skin is no age limit, but the sooner, the better.

If you do not want to look or feel older than you are, then taking good care of your skin is a MUST. Also, it’s always good to start looking after your skin; reaching 40 will make the transition easier.

Nevertheless, around 40, skincare should slightly change; you may have to remove some ingredients or include some, as the skin texture changes and can be drier.

So, it becomes imperative to have healthy skincare habits to have a lovely glowing complexion and avoid blotchy skin…  

4 great ways to have healthy skin in your 40s. By chatykany.


4 great ways to have healthy skin in your 40s. As Dr Howard Murad stated, ‘ageing is a fact of life. Looking your age is not’. Hence, It is crucial to know your skin. So, It may seem unbelievable, but many women do not understand their skin.

Therefore, they have been going through life without paying particular attention to their skin, and they use what they get at their hands. This could be because what they get is cheap, a gift or other.

However, around your 40s, you cannot just rely on and use whatever products fall into your hands. Therefore, it is paramount to know your skin type and your skin’s needs to take excellent care of it.  


4 great ways to have healthy skin in your 40s. Having a set routine is essential. So, with age, the skin needs to change; therefore, it has unique needs to keep its youthfulness and glow.

Moreover, you must have set skincare routines to fill in these needs. A morning routine and a night routine.

So, In your morning routine, you should use the following:  

. A mild cleanser  

. Apply an antioxidant serum that contains vitamin c, hyaluronic acid  

. Apply your day moisturiser  

. Eye cream  

. Then apply a sunscreen  

. Don’t forget your lips; apply lip balm.  

Then, in your night routine, you should use the following:  

. A mild cleanser 

. A serum that contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and /or retinol  

. Eye serum  

. Night moisturiser  

So, these routines will allow your skin to have the proper nutrients and moisture. Of course, the skin needs to be cleaned before applying anything on it.

However, as we age, the skin tends to become drier and drier, so privilege cream with rich emollient over lotion.  

4 great ways to have healthy skin in your 40s. By chatykany.


Many pieces of evidence show that the sun’s rays accelerate skin ageing. So, using sun protection is extremely important. As a matter of fact, it is a must. Sunscreen must be part of any skincare routine.

So, to avoid premature skin ageing, you must include sunscreen in your routine. And also protect your skin that isn’t covered by clothes, do not intentionally expose yourself to the sun’s rays, and always be a shade seeker.

Moreover, when the sun is at its peak, you can wear sunglasses and a hat that can shade your face in addition to applying sunscreen.  


4 great ways to have healthy skin in your 40s include being consistent. Consistency is critical if you want to see good results. Also, be committed to your routines. Alongside consistency, you can adopt some healthy habits such as:  

. Be sure to take showers or baths regularly  

. Eat healthily  

. Drink enough water  

. Cut down or stop smoking.  

 Get enough sleep 

. Cut or stop drinking 

. Exercises  

Following these habits consistently will pay dividends. Moreover, it gives you beautiful, youthful, healthy, moisturised skin.  


4 great ways to have healthy skin in your 40s include:  

. Fully understand your skin  

. Have set routines  

. Make sunscreen a staple of your skincare  

. Be consistent  

Following these steps will undoubtedly help you get or preserve beautiful glowing skin. Do you have any other tips?  

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