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6 ways to be happy with yourself. The wish for a happy life is a universal human emotional need. Living a happy life can be easy, but happiness is sometimes misunderstood; every person faces challenges, and going through highs and lows is normal throughout your life.

Sometimes, it feels like you are the happiest person alive on earth; other times, you feel the most miserable. The crucial thing is to be able to balance both emotions. Many people make the enormous mistake of believing their happiness lies with others; as long as they please others, they will be happy.

But that is not it; others cannot fully make you happy if you are unsatisfied with yourself. The challenge is to make yourself happy and comfortable; to do that, you need to understand happiness, what happiness means, and above all, know yourself.    

6 ways to be happy with yourself. By chatykany


6 ways to be happy with yourself. The way to make yourself happy starts by deeply knowing and accepting yourself. It might seem obvious, but many people do not know or deny themselves. They tried so hard to please other people, to fit different standards, that they lost themselves. To know yourself, you should be honest with yourself, face your true self and accept who you are.

So, Love yourself first! Loving yourself makes you more comfortable within your skin. Loving and accepting yourself just the way you are will give you more confidence in achieving your goals. Knowing yourself will give you an instant boost and add to your worth.

It will help you feel more optimistic. When you know and love yourself, you stop comparing yourself to others, leading to a happier life.  


6 ways to be happy with yourself. To be happy with yourself, learn to be more forgiving. Forgiveness provides peace of heart and mind. Sometimes forgiving someone is not the easiest thing to do, but it gives instant relief and makes us feel good about ourselves when done. As much as forgiving others, forgiving yourself is a big part of being happy with yourself.

Sometimes, we must forgive ourselves for things that have already happened and for which we cannot do anything but still feel guilty. In that case, we must let go of the issue, come to terms with it, forgive ourselves and move on. Forgive yourself for making wrong decisions and having negative thoughts from past failures.

These things can harm your self-esteem and confidence, hold you back and make you miserable. So, to make yourself happy, forgive others and, most importantly, yourself. 


6 ways to be happy with yourself.


6 ways to be happy with yourself. It would be best to be grateful for what you have, how you look, and any achievements. Because whatever or wherever your position, someone has less than you.

Always be thankful for what you have, but yearn in a healthy way for what you want. It would be best to not focus on what you do not have. People who are truly happy with themselves make the most of what they have and never take anything for granted.

They are grateful. You will experience improvement in your mood and energy when you practice your gratitude. So, if you want to be happy within yourself, always be thankful. You can write in a journal everything you are grateful for daily.  


There are those sayings: you are who you surround yourself with, or birds of the same feathers flocked together. So, if you hang around with negative, pessimistic, small-minded people bullies, chances are you will be like them, and it is no secret that people of this type are not confident and lack self-esteem.

You may want to avoid people who constantly complain, criticise, and never see any good in anything. So, spending time with people who make you feel good about yourself and have positive abilities and impact is essential. Their confidence and good habits will reflect on you.

They will push you up instead of holding you down. People with a positive attitude are the happiest because they don’t wait for life to turn around; they take a stand for themselves and turn it around. Being surrounded by positive people helps you to think positively and feel confident about your goals.   

6 ways to be happy with yourself.


There are typically good values by which we should live. Those values are diverse, and we often choose only some to live by them willingly or unwillingly.

We all have values we stand by, whether minor or large; we entrust ourselves with them. So, when we are not living with these values, we feel uncomfortable, unsettled, stressed, depressed and unhappy.

So, it is essential to always make sure to live by your values and beliefs to be happy with yourself.   


6 ways to be happy with yourself include following your dreams. One major cause of unhappiness in one’s life is not doing what one really wants. This holds true for relationships, jobs, and hobbies… being in a relationship that you do not like anymore or working in a position that does not excite you can make you very unhappy.

You can have wealth and health, but if you are not doing what you really like deep down, you will still feel a lack of fulfilment and emptiness. So try as much as you can to do what you want.

It is always much more acceptable to try and fail than not try because you can say, ‘I have tried. It is never too late to do or try what you like or dream of; do it. The feeling is immeasurable and fulfilling.  


 6 ways to be happy with yourself include: 

. knowing yourself, 

. being forgiving, 

. being grateful, 

. surrounding yourself with positive-minded people, 

. living by your values and beliefs, 

. Following your dreams. 

Following these tips will greatly help you feel fulfilled and, hence, happy with yourself. Do not rely on someone else or luck factor to be happy. Happiness is within reach, whatever your situation, wherever you are. You have to unfold it within yourself. These steps will help you achieve that. 

Do you know any other tips? Please share them in the comments section. 

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