4 great ways to keep sex life when too busy. Sex occupies a significant space in a romantic relationship. But sex life could get neglected when life becomes hectic. This situation is to be avoided at all costs as it could lead to many issues in the relationship, such as cheating, adultery, lies, tensions, arguments, and even separation or divorce.

Jeannette Winterton said, ‘i write about sex because it feels like the most important thing in the world. Sex creates an emotional connection between partners. Being intimate is one of the primary factors for making a relationship emotionally and physically strong.’

Life could get busier; for example, your job or business becomes more demanding, you have children, or your other half’s circumstances have changed. You should ensure that those changes do not affect too much your sex life.

If one or both partners have a busy schedule, they must find ways to preserve their sex life.   

Here, we share some tips that can help you increase your sex life even if you are busy.  

4 great ways to keep sex life when too busy. By chatykany

1 # PLAN  

4 great ways to keep sex life when too busy include planning. It might sound not good, a killer buzz, but scheduling to have sex with your partner is a good idea. Do not hesitate to adopt or follow new routines if you are too busy.

It is good to have sex randomly, but opportunities for random sex could be scarce when you get too busy. In this case, create opportunities.

Be organized; make a plan with your partner. Try to make it as close to your habits as possible. It is not because you planned your intimacy time that it would become boring. By planning, you can take it seriously like any of your business. That way, your sex life will not get neglected or forgotten.

It is a way to show your partner your diligence, care and love.  


4 great ways to keep sex life when too busy include going on vacations. Another way to spice up your sex life in your relationship when you are too busy is to go on vacation whenever possible. This might sound a little confusing, but it is not. You will not be busy 24/7. So turn any time you have with your partner into something special.

It does not have to be something extraordinary or lengthy. For example, instead of spending the weekend at home, on your couch, you can plan a getaway or take your partner to a hotel. Or you can go down to the nearest town.

If you have children, pay a babysitter or ask ‘granny’ to look over them. Then go away together. Make every free time count.  


4 great ways to keep sex life when too busy. By chatykany


4 great ways to keep sex life when too busy. Sometimes, when life gets busier, we forget the small things that strengthen a relationship. One of those things is complimenting. It does not matter whether you are in a new relationship or in a very long one.

Busy or not, you should keep praising your partner. When you still compliment your partner even when you are very busy, it reminds them of your care and love and shows that the relationship is vital—those little attentions count.

For example, complimenting your partner on their new haircut will make them feel good and valued. Try to discipline yourself to appreciate and praise your partner’s efforts and achievements, even the smallest ones. Try to be as grateful as you can be. 


4 great ways to keep sex life when too busy involve learning new sex habits. As you get busier, there is a high probability that your habitual intimacy routine will be disturbed. You may have to readjust to your new pace or lifestyle. When you are too busy and can no longer keep up with your regular sex life with your partner, you must find new ways to make up. Otherwise, your relationship might fall apart.

Finding new ways to keep up your sex life involves learning new sex habits. For example, if you only used to make love in bed, you could try to change doing it somewhere else, such as the kitchen, living room, or the car, or you can cut down the time you usually take to make love.

You can also learn new convenient sex positions that you can quickly implement. The goal is to learn new things to keep your sex life well-alive.  

4 great ways to keep sex life when too busy. By chatykany


4 great ways to keep sex life when too busy include: 

  • planning, 
  • go on vacations, 
  • complimenting your partner, 
  • learning new sex habits. 

Being busy shouldn’t be a reason to neglect your sex life. You can use the recommendations above, which will help you. Do you have any suggestions? Please leave a comment in the box below. 

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