6 simple ways to spend Valentine’s Day together. Valentine’s Day is exceptional for lovers. It is known as the day when lovers confirm and reinforce their love.   

So, it is understandable that many couples want to make this day special. Some people will go to great lengths to plan their Valentine’s Day to deliver a perfect day to their partners. For example, they will plan to travel abroad, go on a cruise, have an expensive shopping spree, etc.   

While others will wait until the last minute before thinking about it seriously. Starting up late doesn’t mean you cannot have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.   

So, whether you have started planning the perfect Valentine’s Day for a long time or just made up your mind at the last minute, you can still make Valentine’s Day exceptional for you and your partners. Also, remember that the ultimate goal is to spend quality time together and make good memories.   

So, here are 6 simple ways to spend Valentine’s Day together.  

6 simple ways to spend Valentine's Day together. By Chatykany.


6 simple ways to spend Valentine’s Day together. So, start the day on a good note by offering breakfast to your partner in bed. If this is not a usual habit, they will be pleasantly surprised. If you usually have breakfast in bed, do not despair; make it extra memorable.   

For example, you can make something different from what you typically have and pay extra attention to presenting the food. Moreover, a good presentation of details will win them over. 



6 simple ways to spend Valentine’s Day together. The most important detail, of course, is to spend the day together, or most of it together. So, make sure to free your day or a part of it to be physical with your partner. Therefore, please give them your undivided attention.  

Moreover, you can do some exciting things together throughout the day. Things including:    

. Playing games,    

. Baking,    

. Writing love letters to each other,    

. Discovering or rediscovering some part or local native activity of your town,    

. Going for a drive to the countryside where you can have a light lunch,    

. Do voluntary work at some of your local charity shops, such as food banks and animal rescues…    

.Wine tasting that you can easily book,    

. Or simply going for a walk around holding hands, etc    

There is so much that one can do with a loved one.   

6 simple ways to spend Valentine's Day together. By Chatykany.


Plan a romantic dinner with your partner to continue with the romance on Valentine’s Day. However, this could be a home-cooked meal or a booking in a restaurant. Either way, make it memorable, cook something extraordinary or go out to eat something nice.   

Moreover, you can make it extra special, for example, by dressing up for the occasion. 



6 simple ways to spend Valentine’s Day together. Take a bubble bath with your partner on Valentine’s Day to keep the romance going. It doesn’t matter if you usually take a bath together. So, make this bath experience extra special:   

. By adding some rose petals to the bubble bath water.   

. Also, playing some slow romantic music,    

. By lighting up some candles, etc    

Also, to make it luxurious, you can get a bottle of champagne set aside with a bowl of strawberries and some chocolate delicacies, ready to be consumed.    

What’s more, you are set.  

6 simple ways to spend Valentine's Day together. By Chatykany.


Another great thing you can actually plan to do on Valentine’s Day with your partner is to watch a romantic movie, preferably one that ends well, not to spoil the mood.   

So, you can watch a romantic movie at home or go to the cinema.   

Also, at home, you can cuddle up on the couch or sofa, in each other arms, giggling, reminiscing your own story, special moments you had, stealing from time-to-time kisses.     

Although you cannot reminisce about your story at the cinema, you can still kiss.  



To beautifully finish Valentine’s Day, keep the romance till the end. So, make your bedroom look great, especially your bed.   

Put some rose petals on the bed, dim the light, and play slow, relaxing music in the background. Also, this is the time to put on or unravel that sexy lingerie you bought.

Moreover, you can watch some erotic movies or do something else.   

The possibilities are endless.  

6 simple ways to spend Valentine's Day together. By Chatykany.



6 simple ways to spend Valentine’s Day together. There are many simple things you can actually do to prepare for Valentine’s Day. Things including:    

. Have a special breakfast,   

. Spend the day together,    

. Make dinner special,    

. Take the romance into the bathroom,    

. Watch a romantic movie,    

. Take it to the bedroom.    

The main idea is to spend some well-deserved romantic time with your partner.   

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