How to make money in your 40s. Whether to pay for living expenses, to prepare for rainy days or again prepare for retirement, money plays a significant role. Especially when you are in your 40s.

Moreover, many women do not attain financial freedom in their 40s, so they struggle. The good news is most people start thinking of putting their finances in order when they reach 40, so they do that by taking out life insurance policies and looking for ways to accelerate their mortgage payments.

In a nutshell, really think about the future. And most of the time, they only have one source of income when they start, which is usually insufficient. So, they must think of other ways to make extra money.  

So, this article provides 10 ways to make money in your 40s. Moreover, it is crucial to remember to choose a way that aligns with your knowledge and experience. That will make it easier.  

 How to make money in your 40s. By chatykany.



How to make money in your 40s. First, having the right mindset when deciding to make extra money in your 40s is crucial. You must choose it for a definite purpose rather than lightly settling. So, you should take it seriously, whatever you decide to venture into.  

Also, you should know ‘your why’, your reasons, and ‘how’, the way or channel you will use to achieve your goals. Hence, It would help if you clarified that upfront before taking the leap.  

So, if you do not have the right mindset and want to follow a trend without giving some deep thought, you will waste your time and money in the process. Therefore, be very serious and committed.  


How to make money in your 40s include creating a business. You can create a business. And nowadays, this is made easy for you to achieve. Therefore, you can start a physical or online business or both.  

A physical business involves a physical representation of your business. You have an office. Hence, depending on your areas of expertise, you can start any of the following businesses:  

. hair salon business,  

. Consultancy business,  

. freelancer,  

. Agency, etc.  

Also, nowadays, most people prefer creating an online business; this can include:  

. Starting an e-commerce business selling services or products online

. Sell eBooks,

. Starting a blog website or podcast   

. Provide online courses, etc.  

And you can have both a physical business with an online presence and marketing online.  

So, it absolutely depends on what you want.  

 How to make money in your 40s. By chatykany.



How to make money in your 40s can include being a mentor. You can become a mentor or coach, using your expertise to help others. Moreover, someone will pay for your work if you are good at it. So, please do not assume they won’t.  

If you are confident about your skills and that the information you want to share is genuine and reliable, someone will pay for it.  

So, things you can coach or mentor include:  

. Providing help to others on your experience  

. Your lifelong passion  

. Your professional experience, etc.  


How to make money in your 40s. so, if you have a spare unused room, maybe the kids’ old rooms, you can transform and rent it. And you can do it temporarily or permanently.

So, temporary basic involves renting it briefly; you can promote it on a platform like Airbnb. And Permanently, you can rent it to someone for a more extended period; the person lives there.  

In the same way, you can put your car for rent. You can do that if you use it sparingly. Moreover, consider renting it through reliable car renting and sharing platforms.



One sure way to make money is by investing in real estate. You don’t have to be necessarily well off to start, but you need to learn about it, especially how to start with no money, because it is possible.

Moreover, real estate development projects can bring you big if you know what you are doing.  

 How to make money in your 40s. By chatykany.



You can start a YouTube channel. Many people are doing it, and most are doing very well. As well as you know your thing, providing good values to people, your channel will blow out. Then, you can monetise it and get paid.  

Again, you don’t have to follow the trend; you can share your skills, knowledge on a particular subject, and interests… you will be comfortable doing so, sticking to what to know.

So, not only will you be sharing your passion and helping people, but you will also earn cash through ads and sponsorships.  


How to make money in your 40s includes investing. You may have some cash lying in a savings account; invest it. So, you will have more in return. Therefore, try to learn about investment; it’s not all scary, and you can get more out of it than simply saving schemes.   

Also, Investing does not necessarily mean starting big; you can start with what you have.   

And now, most banks teach people about investment; you can learn about different types of investments, stocks, bonds, shares, etc.  

So, you can reach out to your bank for investment information, educate yourself through the many free online resources, or again reach out to a financial advisor before starting.  


Another great way to make money in your 40s is to provide classes or sell courses. The same principle applies: offer what you are good at, your skills and knowledge. So, this includes:  

. Providing home organisation services, helping people to live clutter-free in a well-organised environment.  

. Offering tutoring services: languages, specific craft skills, maths, sewing, good manners, etc.  

. Being an MC (master of ceremony) at events if you have some public speaking experience.  

 How to make money in your 40s. By chatykany.



Starting a pet-sitting or dog-walking business can also make you some extra money. So, so if you like animals, you should be comfortable starting this side hustle.

Also, you can decide on the number of animals you can handle, preferably a small number, to avoid being overwhelmed. And preferably thread within your neighbourhood.   


You can sell things if you are good at creating something with your hands. Many people are looking after originality and uniqueness.

Moreover, you can sell them on well-established platforms such as Esty, the local market or your own website.  

You can also start a side hustle selling second-hand items. You can start this one by decluttering your house and selling the excesses.

Alternatively, you can get cheaper old stuff and sell them for profit. Moreover, you can make extra cash by selling them on platforms like eBay, Depop, etc.  


How to make money in your 40’s, include:  

. Having the right mindset,  

. Creating a business,  

. Being a mentor,  

. Renting out a room, car,  

. Investing in real estate,  

. Creating a YouTube channel,  

. Investing,  

. Offering classes, courses  

. Being a pet sitter/dog walker  

. Selling handmade crafts and second-hand stuff.  

Doing one or more of these side hustles will undoubtedly make you richer. Do you have any suggestions? Please leave it in the comment section.  

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