10 great things to do after divorce in your 40s. There is no doubt that divorce is a significant change in someone’s life, especially if you are in your 40s. Many people think it is not easy to bounce back at this stage.

It could be if you allow it, but on the other hand, you could take it as an opportunity to straighten your life, correct what seems unsuitable to you, and try to recoup or do what your heart desires.   

Divorcing in your 40s could be a blessing in disguise. Take it as if you have been given a second chance in life.

Sometimes, starting afresh may seem complicated, but it is doable. So, please make the most out of it, pull yourself together, build yourself back up and come back stronger than ever.  

Here are 10 things you can do in your 40s after a divorce.  

10 great things to do after divorce in your 40s. By chatykany



10 great things to do after divorce in your 40s. The number one priority is to take care of yourself. And you must care for your body but especially for your mind. Self-care is vitally important after a divorce. Do not let your emotions overwhelm you and drive you wrong.  

So, things you can do to care for yourself physically include exercising, controlling your diet, eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and sleeping between 6-8 hours.  

Pay special attention to your mind by practising mindfulness through meditation, yoga, gratitude, etc.  

It would help if you took care of yourself by making time for yourself, by having some ‘me time’.  


10 great things to do after divorce in your 40s include showing up for yourself. Many people need to show up for themselves, especially women in their 40s. They are busy caring for their families, their jobs, etc. Any other but themselves. Cannot say no when they want.

They would rather please others than themselves. Will do anything to come clean when they are accountable. And often, they don’t show up for themselves.  

You must show up for yourself. You must be accountable for yourself. When you make new resolutions and promise to stay on track, you must keep this promise.  

So, show up for yourself because no one will do it for you, especially if you are in your 40s; people will assume you don’t need the help.

Moreover, take great care of your appearance, keep the promises you made to yourself, and take time for yourself unapologetically.   


You can consider a change of career or diversify your path. Many women remained in unfulfilling lobs out of convenience. The job is perfect because it is flexible, you can take care of your family and manage it, or the job is at a reasonable distance.

Most of the time, it is not your desired job, but you made do with it out of convenience. So, take this opportunity to pursue your dream career. It is always time to do what you really like. Or, if you do not desire to altogether quit your job, you can create some side hustles out of your real passion.  

Moreover, put yourself out there, whether creating your own business or joining others.  


Another great thing you can do as a divorcee in your 40s is to travel. You can travel around the world or around your country to discover more.

Although some trips can be expensive, you can still do it with a bit of planning ahead. Plan, prepare and go. And you can do that on your own, take time for yourself, and reflect on your life. Or you can go accompanied by family or friends, to have fun.  

Travelling will allow you to discover new places, new things and cultures and tremendously help you mentally and emotionally.



This is also the time to go after your hobbies. The things you are passionate about or wish to learn more about but couldn’t because of time or financial constraints.

Moreover, having a hobby that will allow you to escape from stress and other things you enjoy doing is essential. So, if you have always wanted to learn sewing, this is the time you want to go skydiving, sea diving, hot air balloon ride, gardening, etc.

This is the time to plan and do. If you don’t, you might regret it later. And remember, there is always time to start something you are passionate about.  


10 great things to do after divorce in your 40s include learning new skills. Learn new skills If you desire to give a new direction to your life. Things are nowadays made easy, sometimes you don’t even need to leave your home to learn.

So, take advantage of all opportunities to learn new skills and techniques to better your life.  

Moreover, you can do that by taking classes, joining groups, and attending workshops, conferences, and training. So, aim to learn or deepen your knowledge of what interests you and make more of it.  


Another great thing you can do is to learn new languages. This can be handy if you plan to travel around the world, help you in your career, and expand your possibilities.

So, make it a goal to learn a new language. Again, you can easily find many free or paid resources to help you achieve your goal



10 great things to do after divorce in your 40s involve trying new things. Challenge yourself to do things you wouldn’t normally do; this may surprise you, and you can discover a side of you were not aware of.

So, try new things, go to posh places, cinemas or restaurants alone; or again go and watch shows, or wear this pair of heels you love but cringe to wear out;   

Go to festivals, initiate conversations with strangers, night out alone or accompany others, etc.  


10 great things to do after divorce in your 40s include making new friends. Another crucial step you can take is to make new friends and new connections. Do not make the mistake of withdrawing yourself. It will highly benefit you to enlarge your circle. This will not only allow you to be busy, but you will also be exposed to new ideas and opportunities.

There are many ways you can make new friends. You can adapt the direct approach, meaning approaching people, for example, at school runs, public places, churches, joining some groups, etc. Or you can make friends online through social media platforms, some online communities, etc.  

So put yourself out there, and you will be rewarded with new friends.  


It is important to remember we only have one life. So, please make the most of it. Divorce in your 40s may be challenging, but not the end of the world.

Could you take it as a second chance given to you? Do not linger in bitterness and resentment; these will only prematurely age you. So, live your life to the fullest.   


10 great things to do after divorce in your 40s include:  

. Selfcare,  

. Showing up for yourself,  

. Change of career or diversification,  

. Travelling,  

. Pursuing your hobbies,  

. Learning new skills,  

. Learning new languages,  

. Doing things you wouldn’t normally do,  

. Make new friends,  

. Living life to the fullest  

Doing some or all of these suggestions will significantly help you. Do you have any other recommendations? Please leave it in the comment section. 

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