10 great ways to tighten your vagina in your 40s. After age 40, many women notice that their vagina laxity has decreased. It is not as firm and tight as it used to be. In some instances, this affects their sexual lives.   

Many factors can cause the vagina to lose its firmness and tightness, including age, hormonal changes, obesity, pregnancy, certain medical conditions, childbirth, lack of exercise, etc.

So, if you suffer from loss of vagina laxity, do not despair because some solutions exist. Many practices and activities can help to strengthen the pelvic muscle.  

Here are 10 practical ways to tighten your pelvic floor muscles.  

10 great ways to tighten your vagina in your 40s. By chatykany



10 great ways to tighten your vagina in your 40s include your lifestyle. Lifestyle can affect your body, including your internal organs and vagina.

So, suppose you are in your 40s and have a ‘not so good lifestyle’, meaning you don’t take care of your body as you should. In that case, you don’t control your diet, you don’t drink enough water, you smoke a lot, and you abuse alcohol consumption etc… you are luckily to occur some issues with your vagina.   

Therefore, you must understand that in your 40s, your body elasticity starts to decrease, not producing more collagen; you will face disaster if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle.  

Moreover, changing your lifestyle can make a huge difference.  


Controlling your diet in your 40s is vitally important. So, ensure your body receives the correct macronutrients and nutrients appropriate to your age. Because as we age, the body’s ability to produce certain macronutrients decreases.

Also, controlling your diet helps you keep your weight in check and avoid obesity. Obesity is another contributing factor in the vagina losing its elasticity. Having excess body can cause the pelvic floor to be weak. Hence the vagina will lose its firmness and tightness.  

Another significant benefit of controlling your diet is preventing constipation, which can cause the vagina to lose tightness. Indeed, constipation strains the pelvic floor muscles during bowel movements, weakening the vagina muscles too.  

Moreover, controlling your diet is crucial. Having a healthy, balanced diet will provide a healthy pelvic floor.  

10 great ways to tighten your vagina in your 40s. By chatykany



10 great ways to tighten your vagina in your 40s include stopping smoking. There is scientific evidence that smoking can increase the risk of incontinence. Indeed, most smokers develop chronic cough over time, which can pressure the pelvic muscles and ultimately lead to the vagina losing its elasticity.   

So, smoking can highly contribute to weakening the pelvic floor muscles. Therefore, it would help you to tighten your vagina if you stop smoking.  


Alcohol is also a contributing factor to the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Moderately consuming alcohol will not have that much impact, but excessive consumption will.

Also, some studies have shown that holding up your urine and drinking alcohol puts significant pressure on the pelvic floor muscles, which weakens those muscles in time.

As well, alcohol can cause dehydration which can cause, in turn, vagina dryness.  

Moreover, controlling your alcohol intake, or stopping alcohol consumption, can help tighten your vagina and make it healthier.  


Staying hydrated is vitally important, as dehydration can lead to many health issues. Dehydration can lead to constipation, which can strain the pelvic floor muscles, ultimately causing the vagina to lose laxity.  

Also, dehydration can cause vagina dryness, which can cause loss of tightness and firmness and sometimes affect your sexual life.  

So, staying hydrated will help you get a healthy, firm tight vagina.  


One common way to tighten the vagina is through Kegels exercises. Those are specific exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, making the vagina firm and tight.  

So they can be done with or without equipment. Some devices you can use to train the pelvic floor muscles include a pelvic floor trainer, vaginal weights, vaginal cones, and vaginal rejuvenation wands. For some of these devices, you may need professional advice and guidance.  

However, Kegel exercises will only help if you consistently do them. Practising them for as little as three minutes per day will show results.

10 great ways to tighten your vagina in your 40s. By chatykany



Some specific types of exercises can target the pelvic floor muscles and strengthen them; these include:  

. Yoga: Many yoga poses, such as cat-cow pose, mountain pose, chair pose, etc., are extremely helpful in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.   

. Pilates: exercises that work on core strength, including the pelvic muscles.  

. Squats: Work on the lower body muscles where the pelvic floor muscles are located. Moreover, they strengthen the muscles and improve blood circulation.  


There are other ways women tighten their vaginas; some methods are not advised as they can cause other health issues. These methods include:  

. Using vaginal tightening gels or creams,  

. Douching, which is a method of washing out the vagina with some mixture,  

. Using vagina moisturisers,   

. Vagina steam detox,  

. Etc.  

Some of these methods can be dangerous to your health. Therefore, always seek professional medical advice before trying them.  


10 great ways to tighten your vagina in your 40s. It may come as a surprise, but regular sexual activity can help strengthen the pelvic floor. Indeed, having sex regularly promotes blood circulation, which in turn helps maintain muscle tone.   

Also, during sexual activity, contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor, the muscles are engaged in movements, which helps to strengthen them.  

Moreover, you can consciously decide to exercise your pelvic floor while having sex by exaggerating the contractions and relaxations.  

10 great ways to tighten your vagina in your 40s. By chatykany



10 great ways to tighten your vagina in your 40s include some medical proceduresIf you have failed to correct your vagina laxity by your own efforts; some medical procedures can help resolve the issue.  

These procedures can be surgical or non-surgical.  

. Non-surgical procedures include laser vagina revival treatment that can correct the issue of vagina laxity.  

. Surgical procedures include vaginal rejuvenation surgery to surgically readjust vaginal muscles and help improve their tightness.  


10 great ways to tighten your vagina in your 40s include:  

. Changing lifestyle,  

. Controlling your diet and weight,  

. Stopping smoking,  

. Limiting alcohol consumption,  

. Staying hydrated,  

. Practising Kegels exercises,  

. Performing some specific exercises,  

. Trying some unorthodox methods,  

. Having regular sexual activity,  

. Considering medical procedures.  

These methods can really make a difference. Do you have any other recommendations? Please leave it in the comments section. 

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