9 great ways for women to elevate winter style. Some women tend to wear the same style of clothes all winter. Reasons could be they don’t know what to wear or how to wear it, therefore getting stuck in the same routine repeatedly, or hiding under unfashionable clothes. The truth is you can still be fashionable during winter.   

And this is also true for women over 40. fashion offers diverse options that blend comfort, sophistication, and trend. So, don’t be intimidated by winter because you can embrace sophistication and elegance while remaining cosy and warm.   

This article delves into ways to achieve a great sense of fashion and keep cosy. Here are ways to elevate your style in winter.  

9 great ways for women to elevate winter style. By chatykany


9 great ways for women to elevate winter style include quality outwear. Quality outwear can make a huge difference in your outfit. So, investing in high-quality outerwear is a significant part of winter fashion. Quality outwear includes tailored trenches, wool coats, and faux fur jackets. These will enhance your overall look and make a statement while keeping you warm.   

Colours-wise, go for neutral tones like binge, camel, navy, and charcoal. These colours will effortlessly complement different outfits, making you look elegant and confident.   

Ensuring the outwear is well-fitted is a plus.  

For classic outwear, consider pieces such as cape coats and quilted vests. Adding these will make you look more stylish.  


9 great ways for women to elevate winter style include investing in quality knitwear. Knitwear is a must in winter for anyone who wants to be cosy and warm. But not all knitwear is equal, so consider quality knitwear, not something that will be out of shape after the first wash or shrink.

Go for cashmere sweaters, cardigans, turtleneck tops, cable-knit designs, cardigans, and jumpers in rich tones or soft pastels. This style and fabric will complement any base.   

Moreover, experiment with layering by pairing chunky knit sweaters or cardigans with tailored trousers or skirts for elegant, comfortable looks. Adding some statement jewellery or belts can complement and elevate the overall look.  


9 great ways for women to elevate winter style include tailoring. Having tailored pieces is a must in your wardrobe. Tailored trousers, well-fitted blazers, structured dresses, and skirts will give you more styling options and elevate your style.

So, include these in your wardrobe; choose your favourite colours if you still need to. Moreover, you can mix and match to create an effortless style for any occasion.  

Also, experimenting with Textures. Winter fashion involves rich fabrics and textures such as faux fur, velvet, and leather. Learning to mix and match these textures will be very beneficial to significantly elevate your look and fashion style.  

9 great ways for women to elevate winter style. By chatykany


9 great ways for women to elevate winter style include using statement accessories. Accessories can take your look to another level; they are essential to any look. Indeed, accessories can make you look elegant, sophisticated, and confident. So do not hesitate to make the most use of them.

For winter, consider quality footwear such as knee-high boots or ankle boots. Also, include chunky scarves, quality handbags, statement jewellery, small or large belts, and leather gloves.  

However, a word of caution will be to use accessories sparingly for the risk of overpowering your outfit. So, find the right middle for the style you are going for, and know when to go with minimal accessories or maximise on it.  

You can look around for inspiration if you are not creative.  


9 great ways for women to elevate winter style include being a sustainable fashionista. You can choose sustainable fashion to help with the environment and climate change. You can include eco-friendly pieces in your wardrobe by selecting brands that offer sustainable fashion recycled fabrics.  

Another way you can be a sustainable fashionista is to reduce the amount of clothing you purchase and actually make use of what you already have. You can find inspiration for styling ideas on social media platforms, Pinterest, etc. Doing so will save you money, make you stylish, and give you a sense of fulfilment by supporting ethical fashion.  

Using second-hand clothing is another great way to be sustainable. You will help reduce clothes waste and still be stylish and fashionable.  


You can layer your clothes in any season, but layering takes another dimension in winter. Layering your clothes opens up more options. Some layering ideas for winter:   

. Mixing textures like satin or silk blouses under knit vests to create elegant looks.   

. layering turtleneck tops underneath blazers and cardigans to be cosier and more stylish.  

. I have experienced wearing shirts under sweaters, topped by coats, entirely worn or thrown on shoulders.  

. This is an excellent time to wear those shirts-collars and half-bottom shirts.  

Knowing how to layer will completely change your style. You will have the feeling of owning more garments as you transform your style without changing clothes.  

9 great ways for women to elevate winter style. By chatykany


Investing in midi skirts and midi dresses in winter is a fashion game changer, especially for women over 40. They are timeless, classy and suitable for any occasion. Fabrics such as velvet, silk, and satin are excellent choices, but you can choose your favourite.  

For a sophisticated look, you can pair midi dresses and midi skirts with knee-high boots, court shoes, or slingback shoes. You can pair them with jumpers or cardigans, blazers, topping with coats.  

Doing so will make you look effortlessly stylish, elegant, and confident.  


Classic patterns such as plaid houndstooth can add depth to your overall look. So, invest in tailored blazers, skirts, trousers, and coats with these patterns.

They indubitably would add a sense of sophistication and refinement to your outfit, ultimately elevating your style.  


9 great ways for women to elevate winter style include wearing fashionable loungewear. Many women stopped being stylish once at home. They need to pay more attention to what they wear at home. In winter, most of them will rely on some cosy but insightful loungewear, usually a tracksuit set that they will be wearing repeatedly.   

Remember that you can still be stylish at home. To be so, invest in elevated loungewear that will provide warmth and elegance. Elevated loungewear includes stylish lounging sets, oversized sweaters, and quality cashmere joggers. Remember to complement these with beautiful slippers and plush boots.  

Doing so will always make you feel elegant, inside and outside.  


9 great ways for women to elevate winter style include:  

. Quality outwears,  

. Invest in quality knitwear,  

. Consider tailoring,  

. Using statement accessories,  

. Being a sustainable fashionista,  

. Knowing the art of layering,  

. Wearing midi skirts and midi dresses,  

. Using houndstooth and plaid patterns,  

. Wearing fashionable loungewear.  

Following this guidance will undoubtedly elevate your style in winter. Do you have any suggestions? Please leave in the comments section. 

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