7 great practices to be more feminine. Being born a woman does not make you automatically feminine. It takes more work to be feminine, which involves a constant commitment. Most women easily commit to diligently taking care of themselves, and to do so, they get organised around the tasks to perform. They follow an agenda to enhance their beauty and be more feminine.  

So, to fully embrace your femininity, you must familiarise yourself with and commit to certain practices. These practices can be done at different times: some are done daily, some on other days or weekly, and others monthly.  

This article provides some standard and valuable practices that women should do for feminine maintenance.  

7 great practices to be more feminine. By Chatykany


7 great practices to be more feminine include shower/bath. First and foremost, a woman should be and appear clean. To achieve that, she should take a daily shower or bath. This act will help remove dirt and bacteria from the skin, eliminating body odours hence promoting a fresh and clean feeling. The double cleansing method, where you use bar soap to first clean, followed by your shower gel, is highly appraised and practised by many women. They claimed that the method deep cleans you thoroughly, makes you smell nice and makes your skin glow.  

In addition to daily showers or baths, incorporate some body exfoliation on any other day.  

It is important to note that beyond the essential hygiene aspect, showering or bathing has other benefits for women, including relaxation, moments of self-care, and mental rejuvenation.  


7 great practices to be more feminine include having a skincare routine. A woman should have a dedicated skincare routine, especially if mature. Having a set routine has many benefits, including maintaining skin health and ensuring skin hydration and balance.  

Furthermore, using appropriate skin care products and having a personalised skincare routine allows you to address your skin concerns, such as acne, signs of ageing, and dryness.   

It is an excellent idea to organise your skin care. Women have a morning and nighttime skincare routine, and their products typically contain different ingredients and offer different solutions.  

Moreover, a skin care regimen will allow you to address your skin concerns and achieve youthful, glowing skin, enhancing your femininity.  

7 great practices to be more feminine. By Chatykany


7 great practices to be more feminine include shaving. The decision to shave is personal; some women do it, others don’t. Reasons for that include comfort, individual preferences, cultural influences, etc.

The degree of shaving varies, meaning that some women will remove hair from all areas of their bodies, such as the armpit, bikini line, legs and arms, and face, while others may target only some parts, for example, the underarms.  

Some women feel more confident when they shave to manage hair growth. This is a choice for self-expression and personal aesthetics.  

Although shaving is not obligatory, shaving some parts of your body will make you look more feminine. A hairy face, arms, and legs do not look particularly feminine.  

4# HAIR  

Another significant practice for women is caring for their hair. Indeed, caring for your hair and trying different hairstyles will allow you to appear more feminine, a vibrant sign of self-expression. It also boosts confidence.

So, maintain healthy hair through consistent care, including regular washing and treatments to promote healthy, shiny hair, then experiment with various hairstyles, including styling, cuts, and colouring, to identify the styles that suit you best.  

For women who prefer wearing wigs, ensure the hair underneath is cared for and clean. The wigs should also be clean, well-cared for, and smell good.  

Taking good care of your hair will enhance your beauty, make you look more feminine, and give you confidence and empowerment.  

5# NAILS  

7 great practices to be more feminine. Another giveaway of your overall self-care level is the state of your nails. Nails play a significant role in the way you appear before others. People can judge you by the way you take care of your nails. So, taking care of your nails is integral to overall self-care and grooming.

Therefore, maintaining your nails would enhance your appearance and reflect your personal hygiene and attention to detail. You can care for your nails by regularly trimming the cuticles, keeping your hands moisturised, and shaping your nails by filling and cutting them. You must absolutely avoid having brittle and chipped nails.

Remember that well-groomed nails, with or without polish, will improve your look.  

However, you can paint your nails by yourself through DIY or get it done professionally.  


7 great practices to be more feminine. By Chatykany


7 great practices to be more feminine. Eyelashes and eyebrows are critical aspects of grooming. They contribute to framing the face and enhancing one’s natural features.   

You can take care of your eyelashes by ensuring they are clean. Then, you can enhance the length and volume by using natural products such as oils or adding extensions to your lashes. You can also wear fake lashes, done by yourself or professionally.  

You can groom your brow through shaping filling. There are many brow procedures, including tattooing, micro-blading, and threading… that you can adopt to keep your brows in check.  

Taking care of your eyelashes and brows would impact your overall appearance, significantly elevate how you appear to others, and make you look more confident.  

7# MASSAGES     

7 great practices to be more feminine include massages. Another practice that is beneficial for women is massage. Massage is not as apparent as the other practices, but it will impact you physically and mentally. Indeed, body massages have many benefits, significantly contributing to women’s overall well-being.

The benefits include reducing stress, alleviating muscle tension, and promoting better blood circulation. So, if you regularly massage, you are lucky to remain in shape, have better skin, reduce ageing signs, delay wrinkles, and have more healthy and youthful skin through lymphatic drainage.  

Moreover, regular massages will help you relax and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  


7 great practices to be more feminine include:  

. Shower/bath,  

. Have a skincare routine,  

. Shaving,  

. Hair,  

. Nails,  

. Eyelashes and eyebrows,  

. Massages  

Following these practices will undoubtedly enhance your overall appearance, boost your confidence and make you look more feminine. Do you have any suggestions? Please leave in the comments section.  

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