8 great ways to connect with children after divorce. Life can be challenging and overwhelming after divorce. Especially when children are involved. Indeed, you may find yourself facing everything all by yourself. This includes career, house chores, financial constraints, parenting, and everything else.

Sometimes, this led to lone parents not building strong personal relationships with their children because they were too busy to make a living, trying to find their feet back, etc. So, making a conscious decision to build and cultivate strong bonds between parents and children is vital.

Doing so requires commitment, intentionality, and patience. This article provides 8 strategies to help create a loving, strong, and supportive environment for children and, consequently, build strong relationships. 

8 great ways to connect with children after divorce. By  Chatykany

1: Spending quality time together 

8 great ways to connect with children after divorce. Life can get busy, so you should consciously decide to spend time with your children. Indeed, you need to have enough quality time to connect with them. Therefore, you should know what they want and understand their passions, so try to do as much as possible with them.

If some of their passions involve spending money, you can plan for them. Doing so will only make them more appreciative. Most of the time, you do not have to spend money to spend quality time with them; sometimes, being present and attentive is enough.  

Moreover, it would be helpful if you decided to have simple but meaningful interactions with them. Things you can do to create natural bonding involve active listening, not criticising or scolding them at any turn, playing with them, involving them in some decision-making, always having their back, etc. These moments add up and will build a solid basis for your relationship. 

2: Setting Boundaries 

8 great ways to connect with children after divorce. You should establish clear and reliable boundaries and rules to provide your children with a solid foundation. So, discuss these boundaries and the associated consequences with your children. Then, ensure consistency in applying these boundaries and rules; failure to do so will cause the children not to take you seriously.

Moreover, respecting the boundaries and rules will create a safe environment where they feel safe, knowing what to do and what not to do. Also, doing this will teach them that life is not all about them and that life generally has boundaries and rules to abide by. Importantly, setting boundaries will help strengthen their characters. 

3: Living by example 

8 great ways to connect with children after divorce. One of the most impactful approaches to effective parenting is living by example. Indeed, most children will do what you do, not what you say. They observe and absorb invaluable lessons through your actions and demeanour, sometimes at an unconscious level.

So, you should be wary of that. Therefore, whether displaying acts of kindness, resilience in the face of challenges, honesty, empathy, or compassion, you should know that all these actions are scrutinized. You should know that children like to emulate everything you do, whether good or bad. 

Moreover, you must embody the values and behaviours you seek to instill in your children. Your actions and demeanours impact them more than you may think. So, by prioritizing the alignment of your actions with your values, you create a robust foundation for your children’s moral and emotional development. 

8 great ways to connect with children after divorce. By  Chatykany

4: Practising Active Listening 

8 great ways to connect with children after divorce include active listening. One significant point of building strong relationships with your children is listening. So, make time to genuinely listen to your children when they share their thoughts and emotions. This is extremely important.

Also, offer them your total undivided attention when they are talking to you, and do not dismiss their feelings or what they are saying. Doing so not only demonstrates that you love them, that you care for them, and more, but also creates an environment where they feel safe, validated, and worthy of communicating with you. 

This part is significant as children grow; they will trust you and will be less likely to hide things from you; they will always share their joys, disappointments, fears, etc. 

Moreover, listening to your children is fundamental to building strong relationships. 

5: Cultivating Empathy and Understanding 

8 great ways to connect with children after divorce. Divorce procedures can involve a lot of emotions, and these emotions can affect children when they are involved. That is why you should be empathic towards your children after divorce. If destructive emotions are not handled correctly, they can affect the children’s future behaviours.

So, acknowledge their feelings and handle them with compassion. Therefore, avoid being too judgmental or harsh. Importantly, avoid using them as scapegoats in the aftermath of divorce. 

Moreover, be supportive and be there for them to safely cross over difficult times. You can do so by always openly communicating with your children and listening to them. 

6: Showing Encouragement and Support 

8 great ways to connect with children after divorce include encouragement and support. You should celebrate each of your children’s accomplishments, regardless of size, and have solid support during challenging times.

So, you should be your children’s best fan, the number one cheerleader, offering enthusiastic cheers of encouragement as they go through life. Doing so will give them strength, boost their confidence, and make them resilient.  

 Also, celebrating your children’s wins, big or small, with genuine enthusiasm and pride reinforces their sense of achievement and motivates them to strive for further excellence.  

Moreover, do not be cheap on encouragement and support. Genuine support will help you create deeper connections with your children. 

8 great ways to connect with children after divorce. By  Chatykany

7: Teaching Respectful Communication 

8 great ways to connect with children after divorce. This may seem obvious, but many parents need to teach their children proper communication skills. Children often emulate their parents’ communication styles, usually using inappropriate language or manners. Therefore, you should exemplify respectful and appropriate communication in your interactions with your children.

Therefore, teach them how to be assertive by remaining tactful and, importantly, teach them to keep their tempers when disagreements arise. Most children will stop talking when upset and only yell and shout. When children are constantly in an atmosphere where open dialogue is encouraged, and conflicts are approached with empathy and understanding, they are most likely to have good communication skills and, hence, have solid connections with their parents. 

Moreover, prioritise respectful and appropriate communication with your children to establish a supportive environment where meaningful connections thrive. 

8: Embracing Authenticity and Vulnerability 

8 great ways to connect with children after divorce. Embrace authenticity and vulnerability in your interactions with your children by openly sharing your personal experiences, triumphs, and setbacks. Your honesty will cultivate an environment characterised by trust and empathy. Indeed, as a parent, you play a crucial role in allowing your children to witness your genuine self, flaws included, and affirming to them that embracing their own authenticity is acceptable and commendable. Therefore, your willingness to reveal your true self fosters a profound connection within the parent-child relationship. 

 Moreover, when you share your personal experiences with honesty and vulnerability, you demonstrate the importance of authenticity and vulnerability in building meaningful connections. When you encourage your children to embrace their authenticity and share their experiences openly, you empower them to develop strong self-esteem and self-acceptance.  


8 great ways to connect with children after divorce include: 

. Spending quality time together, 

.  Setting Boundaries, 

. Living by example, 

. practicing active listening, 

. Cultivating empathy and Understanding, 

. Showing encouragement and Support, 

. Teaching Respectful Communication, 

. Embracing authenticity and vulnerability. 

This list is not exhaustive. Do you have any recommendations? Please leave them in the comments section. 

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