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Reasons why your libido is low, non-existent. By chatykany

Reasons why your libido is low, non-existent. Sex is vital in one’s life. It is a means to provide physical pleasure and the primary way of procreation. It has an important place in most relationships.

But sex drive fluctuates according to your gender, age and other factors. Sex drive may be high, very high in some people and low, very low, or non-existent in others.

It is common to see people with a high sex drive experience a loss or decrease of libido. Low libido happens to both men and women.

Having less sex is not necessarily cause for concern.

But you may want to investigate if you have specific persistent symptoms such as being put off by any sexual activity or having no sexual fantasies.

This article provides some causes that could lead you to not want or like sex. 



Many reasons could lead to a loss or decrease in sex drive for women. These reasons include the following:  

One of the biggest reasons for women’s low libido is hormone changes. This often occurs during pregnancy, during, after and with breastfeeding.

At menopause, women experience a decrease in oestrogen levels. It is causing, in some cases, dry vaginal problems, hence painful sex, ultimately leading to a decreased sex drive.  

Mental issues: being mentally unstable can significantly affect sex life. Mental health problems include stress, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, having past trauma.  

When a woman is not confident in a relationship, that could lead to some blockages, including sexual. Also, the tense atmosphere from arguing, and distrust.

As well lack of communication or disinformation could make women uncomfortable. And in some cases, it leads to a decrease or loss of libido.   

Medical issues: some diseases affect sex drive. These include hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis…. some medications can also decrease the libido.   

When a woman is unable to have an orgasm during sexual intercourse. MedicineNet says, “The disorder can come from the psychological or emotional problem. Frigidity can also develop from not desiring your partner. Also, from disliking the setting and using alcohol or drugs.”    

These are some of the reasons for decreasing or losing libido in women. The list is not exhaustive. Most of these causes could be treated. 

Reasons why your libido is low, non-existent. By chatykany


Men as well can experience a decrease in sex drive. Many reasons could lead to it.  

Low testosterone is a male hormone. Its level naturally decreases with age. It plays a role in sex drive. When testosterone levels drop too much, libido also decreases.  

Low self-esteem is a significant factor contributing to decreased sex drive in men. Things that could cause low self-esteem include body image, the size of the penis and premature ejaculation.  

Some medications contribute to low or loss of sex drive.  

Stress and depression are also common reasons for decreasing sex drive.  

These are some of the reasons that affect men’s libido. The list is not exhaustive.  


Reasons why your libido is low, non-existent. Many reasons could lead to that, whether you are a man or a woman.

Some factors are only inerrant to women, and some are specific to men. But there are some common reasons for both genders. When you know this situation, it is advised first to seek the cause.

Once you determine the reason, you can seek the appropriate help. Just know that regardless of the cause, support is available.

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