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4 great ways to sexually satisfy your partner. By chatykany.

4 great ways to sexually satisfy your partner. We all acknowledge that sex has a major place in most relationships.

Some partners have moderate sexual activity, whereas others are way behind, dealing with deficient sexual activity. The difference in sex drive explains this fact. Therefore, it is common to see couples with average, low or absent sexuality.

It is not uncommon to see that one of the partners cannot sexually satisfy the other partner. Many reasons can be pointed out. It is worth saying that we are responsible for our sexual fulfilment.

But we are sometimes concerned and self-conscious if we are aware that our partner is not getting what he sexually needs from us.   

If you are in this position and unable to sexually satisfy your partner, the following tips might interest you and help you.


When you are honest with yourself, you should know where you stand regarding your sexuality.

Are you sexually satisfied? Do you and your partner have a fulfilling sex life? Do you sexually satisfy your partner? Deep down, you should know.

If the answer to the last one is no, you must look for ways to address it. Especially if your partner satisfies you. But first, you must determine why you cannot sexually satisfy your partner. Is it:  

A medical problem?  

Did you fall out of love?  

Is it a psychological problem? Stress, depression? 

Are you not confident? Do you have low self-esteem? 

Does your partner have a too-high sex drive? 

Is your partner too demanding?  

Does he like it too soft or too rough? 

Do they have bad body hygiene that makes them uncomfortable? 

Does your partner know exactly what they like?  


You can quickly pinpoint the issue if you are really honest with yourself. Once you determine, the reason you believe is preventing you from sexually satisfying your partner. Then you can solve it. It is not his fault if it is not related to your partner.

Once you recognise that the problem is coming from you, initiate actions to resolve it. For example, stop giving too many excuses for not wanting sex.

So, better solve the source of the issue that causes you to make excuses in the first place. If you feel pain while doing it, seek medical advice; if you do not feel clean, improve your body hygiene; is it your body shape that bothers you? If so, take serious action towards what you want.

However, if you cannot help it in any way, you must come to terms with it, accept it and move on. You should be open to learning new things, trying new sexual positions, and educating yourself.

Overall be opened minded. Try your best: If you are serious about addressing the issue that prevents you from satisfying your partner, give it your all.  

4 great ways to sexually satisfy your partner. By chatykany.


There are cases when you determine it is your fault but need your partner’s help to solve it. Such cases involve medical issues such as mental issues (stress, depression) and some medications.

In these cases, you might want to communicate with your partner to seek their understanding, support, and help. And together, you seek solutions or some alternatives.  

However, if you determine the reasons lie with your partner, you must honestly speak with them about it. Are they asking too often for sexual intercourse? Is their hygiene questionable? Or you don’t like how they handle you; they are too soft or rough? Whatever the reason may be, talk it out.

And together you can find a suitable solution for both of you.  


If the relationship means a lot for both of you, you will find a convenient solution that works for you. Some issues are easy to correct; for example, if the problem arises because your partner has terrible body hygiene, they can fix that by adopting better body hygiene.

If they are too slow, soft, or rough, they can adjust according to your taste to motivate you. Does your partner have a very high sex drive? This is a complex issue to deal with. In this case, you may want to Meet halfway.

Hence, you may have to find ways to increase your sex drive; for example, if they wish 5 times sexual intercourse per week, and you want only once a week, you can compromise on doing it 3 or twice a week.

If this doesn’t work after trying, you may wish to involve a third party; some may get offended by the idea, but this is a common practice. Do not impose anything on your partner; that will be the worst approach to the problem.   

You can involve some professionals for counselling, but the solution lies with you and your partner at the end of the day.  

4 great ways to sexually satisfy your partner. By chatykany.


4 great ways to sexually satisfy your partner

By implementing the above recommendations, such as reflecting on yourself, addressing the issues on your own, communicating with your partner, and finding solutions together.

Do you have any other recommendations? Please share in the comments box.  

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