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 Men's characteristics attractive to women.By chatykany.

Men’s characteristics attractive to women. People are in relationships for different reasons. Women are attracted to men for diverse reasons. Although good looks can play a role at first in drawing women, there is much more to it.

Indeed, there is a whole Pleiades of ways men can attract women. There are some common traits women seek in men.

Therefore, any man with some or all of these features will likely draw the right type of woman. Sometimes women are not looking for the impossible.

Most just want someone who respects them, shows consideration and makes them laugh.

So, here are 5 common traits that women actively seek from men. 


Women want to date well-mannered men. Meaning men who respect women. The type who will not alienate women. Hence showing some consideration.

Every woman wants to be the pride of her man in society, so the man’s good manners will definitely feed this pride. A man who shows you respect will stand by you. he will protect you. And will put you before everything. This is a man who takes into consideration your opinions.

So, men, if you want to be more likeable and attract women, please be polite, do not take for granted what women do, and show appreciation.

Men's characteristics attractive to women. By chatykany.



Women want to be associated with men who have good values such as honesty, compassion, kindness, loyalty, and selflessness. having and respecting some of these values will increase your chances with women.

Women often assimilate men with good values and beliefs to be serious, kind types. If you have some good values and beliefs, you are luckily to have and stick to some principles.

Usually, men with good values are the men who know how to value and treat women and who generally take relationships seriously.  


Women like men who exude and express confidence. They are drawn to confident men. No one wants to entrust their lives to someone who does not know what they want. where they are going. or which decision to take.

Women like men who put themselves forward. They like the ‘go-getters’. The type of man who tackles any issue head-on. Therefore, they do not like men who have more excuses than reasons.  

Men's characteristics attractive to women. By chatykany.


Another trait women seek after is a good listener. So, If you possess the quality of a good listener, you can attract more women.

However, many men are impatient with women, under the pretence that women talk too much and more than men. So, some men will not give women chances to express themselves; they will not listen.

Therefore, they will either change the conversation, ‘fly’ from the conversation, pretend to listen or get angry. Sometimes women just need some good ears to listen to them.

So, A good listener just listens; you do not need to give feedback.  


We all have flaws and shortcomings. Men included. As much as women want confident, courageous, brave… men, they are not expecting perfection.

Indeed, women know that the myth of superheroes is legion in fiction but not in real life. Hence, they want men who know how to be honest with themselves. Men who will show their vulnerability when necessary.

So, they do not want men who will attempt to hide their flaws. Sometimes, showing vulnerability shows your human side, making you more attractive. 

Men's characteristics attractive to women. By chatykany.



Men’s characteristics attractive to women include:  

good manners,   

having good values,  


Being a good listener,  

Showing some vulnerability  

These traits are not exhaustive. Do you know any other common characteristics that attract women? Please share your ideas in the comment box.  

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