How to be sure to attract more men? By chatykany

How to be sure to attract more men? You could put a lot of effort into attracting men but to no avail, or you succeed in attracting the wrong ones. Attracting men could be art that takes much more than the usual ‘dolling up’.

Indeed, to attract men, especially the type you desire, you must adhere to or implement some skills. You need not necessarily bring your game up but maybe learn the different values and attributes most men are looking after and then work on that.

Like the saying, ‘beauty is not everything’, t takes much more than beauty to make a good ‘catch’. Here we share some tips that will serve as basics to attract men. 



This might seem obvious, but many women make the mistake of hiding their authentic personalities when they meet men with whom they could potentially have a romantic relationship.

They either undervalue themselves or overdo it. It is essential to be yourself. Do not start on the wrong foot. You underdoing it may sap your chances;

some men do not want to be involved with women who lack confidence, have low self-esteem, and cannot stand for themselves. On the other hand, overdoing it can catch you up and turn against you; it can make you look like a liar. So, show your real self, and be as much as possible. 

How to be sure to attract more men? By chatykany



Another vital point is cleanliness. Actually, this is very important. You do not want to lose out because of a matter of hygiene. But this happens more than often. Being clean does not mean putting up on ‘dolling up’ all the time.

It means being hygienically clean, not dirty, and not having body odours such as bad breath, smelly hair, and stinky underarms… being clean means taking regular showers or baths, being neat, having clean nails, clean hair, and clean clothes.

Clean teeth, keeping all body hair under control, meaning well-groomed, trimmed or removed.  

If you have an issue being clean and neat, you will have a more significant issue attracting men.

Some women make the mistake of overusing perfumes to hide body Odors. This does not work; on the contrary, it could worsen the situation.  

How to be sure to attract more men? By chatykany


First impressions are crucial. Be honest when engaging with men. You do not have to gargle out your life story at once. But try as much as possible to be honest in your answers.

Be honest when interacting. You never know where the meeting or the relationship will take you. Do not say or do things that could bear you prejudice later down the line.

Remember that the way you gauge and process everything the man will say is the same way he is gaging, processing and retaining what you say, information he could later use. 



To attract men, you have to be approachable. If you aim to attract men, try not to put yourself on a pedestal, playing too hard to get. You should Adopt good attitudes such as returning greetings, accepting compliments, and not ignoring potential partners.

A good attitude would make you more lovable and attractive and make people want to be around you. And this will ultimately increase your chances. Overall, show your easygoing side.  


Another critical point is to show interest in the men who approach you. You should Take an interest in what they are doing, inquire about them, their lives, and their hobbies, and empathise and support them when needed.

The relationship is not all about you; it is about both of you. Do not cut or stop them when they are explaining something to you.   


How to be sure to attract more men? Simply start implementing those simple tips:  

Be yourself,  



Being approachable,  

Showing interest.  

Doing so will indubitably increase your chances of attracting more men and the type you are yearning for. Do you know any other tips? Please share in the comments section.  

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