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How to spot a narcissistic partner? By chatykany

How to spot a narcissistic partner? Many people are in relationships where their partners are narcissistic.

Narcissism is a type of personality disorder more common in men. Once in a relationship with a narcissistic person, you will find it challenging to fully be happy to feel fulfilled. as Sheree Griffin said,” Narcissistic love is riding on the rollercoaster of disaster filled with a heart full of tears.”  

At the beginning of the relationship, narcissistic people are very nice, and then things start to change as the relationship gets more serious.

They show their true colours. Moreover, in this type of relationship, inevitably, one will have to support or undergo some challenging behaviour, such as criticism, frequent argument, and manipulation. Is your partner displaying some narcissistic behaviour?

Here we share some characteristics that can help You spot a narcissistic behaviour  



A significant narcissist behaviour is a lack of support towards their partners. So, you will basically get no support. On the contrary, they will try to demotivate you.

A narcissistic partner will not support your ambitions and sometimes will not help you financially. For them, your achievements and ambitions are meaningless. Only their own efforts and dreams count.

Hence, they will require you to support them, but they will not return the favour. 

How to spot a narcissistic partner? By chatykany



A narcissistic partner only thinks of themself. Therefore, they expect more than they give. It has to be about them in the relationship.

Also, they will do everything to outshine you. Literally, you are irrelevant. They are just using you. Hence only supporting things that benefit them.

So, they focus only on meeting their needs, ignoring their partner’s needs. 



Another trait of a narcissistic partner is control. In the beginning, you may easily confound this controlling trait with caring. You may think your partner care because they call you when you are not around. They want to know where you are, with who you are and when you are coming back.

They want to know absolutely everything about you, therefore be able to control your time, your life. However, they will display all challenging behaviour when you try to reciprocate the habit.

In a nutshell, they will not allow you any control over their life. But they will try by any possible means to keep you under control. 

How to spot a narcissistic partner? By chatykany



A significant characteristic of narcissistic partners is that they will not receive well feedback. They think they are superior, hence that they know best.

Sometimes people suffering from narcissism are unaware that they have the condition. Making it more challenging to take any feedback or criticism about their behaviour.

They are manipulative and sometimes even turn the situation and play the victims to make you look bad. 



A narcissistic partner will be on the lookout for compliments and admiration. They have to outdo and be the brightest in the relationship. But they will not hesitate to dismiss or diminish your achievements.

Also, they will even try to ‘rob’ you of your merit, taking credit for what they did not do. They will not allow you to outshine them. Usually, this ends up with you having low self-esteem lack of confidence.  


Lack of empathy is another vital trait of a narcissistic partner. They lack this ability to recognise and meet your needs. They are unable to listen to you, taking into account your opinions.

Also, they tend to take important decisions related to the relationship on their own. Your needs are just ignored.   

How to spot a narcissistic partner? By chatykany


How to spot a narcissistic partner? The signs include:  

Lack of support,  

Being selfish,  

Too much controlling,  

Not taking feedback well,  

Seeking compliments and admiration,  

Lack of empathy  

Moreover, having one of those traits does not necessarily mean that your partner is a narcissist. But you start to wonder if they present more of those characteristics. Evidence has shown that a narcissist is very resistant to change.

You cannot change them, so if your partner is a narcissist, the choice is yours to make, you either change yourself and accept to live your life to make them happy, or you can leave them to be happy.   

Do you know any other behaviour? Please share them in the comments section.  

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