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The 3 must ingredients you need in your 40s. The Big 40 comes with many body’ changes. Signs of ageing are among these changes.

So, the body’s muscles weaken over time, and then the skin loses its firmness and starts sagging. Also, the changes happen at a cellular level.

Some people are aware of this and, hence, have good skincare habits. They pay close attention to their skincare regimen. So, they ensure the right ingredients in their skincare products. To avoid your skin being blotchy and dull appearance.

Even if you did not take your skincare seriously, you could still do something in your 40s to limit the damages. There are some excellent skincare ingredients to help boost the skin.

And sometimes, you do not need to break the bank. All you need to do is to look out for these ingredients.

Therefore, incorporating these ingredients into your skincare routine will make a tremendous difference in your skin appearance.   

The 3 must ingredients you need in your 40s. By chatykany.

The first ingredient you absolutely need is:  


The 3 must ingredients you need in your 40s. Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, has a lot of health benefits for the body. However, the body does not produce it; hence, you must consume it daily.

Also, the body does not store it either. So, you can have your daily dose through diet or through supplementation. Vitamin C is a powerful Anti-antioxidant.

Vitamin C treats skin issues because it is a wonderful antioxidant that can fight free radicals. Therefore, it is in serums, creams, lotions, toners, etc., for the face and the body.

Also, there is evidence that vitamin C can improve wrinkles’ appearance and skin elasticity. That’s why it is imperative to include it in your skin care regimen in your 40s. Hence, you can include vitamin C in your morning and night-time skincare.

Make sure to use sun cream after using vitamin C in the morning.  

The 3 must ingredients you need in your 40s. By chatykany.
(Photo by Kany)

The second ingredient is:  


The 3 must ingredients you need in your 40s. Hyaluronic acid already exists in the body. It is naturally produced by a specific body’s mechanism at a cellular level.

Therefore, it plays significant roles in the body, including lubricating the tissues, repairing the tissues, helping in wound healing, and playing an important role in the stability of skin structure.   

However, The body’s natural hyaluronic acid decreases with age, leading to wrinkles and fine lines. This is when it is crucial to look for ways to include hyaluronic in your routine.

Also, It has an incredible capacity to retain moisture. Hyaluronic acid can be found in serums, lotions, toners, creams, etc. It can be topically applied or as dermal fillers.  

Hyaluronic is often used alongside vitamin C in serums or creams. You can include hyaluronic acid in your morning and night routine.  

The 3 must ingredients you need in your 40s. By chatykany.
(Photo by Kany)

The third ingredient is:  


Retinol is a type of vitamin A. It is a potent form of anti-ageing. There is evidence that retinol can help in the rejuvenation of the skin by stimulating natural collagen production.

Also, It can also help in skin cell turnover to reveal newer and glower skin. Providing younger-looking skin, helping fade dark spots and diminishing pore sizes and wrinkles.  

It is a must ingredient to include in your skin regimen if you want to hold up time. It comes in serums, oils, creams, etc.

Retinol is best used at night time. 

The 3 must ingredients you need in your 40s. By chatykany.
(Photo by Kany)

These ingredients will make a difference in your skin. Hence, you will have more radiant, glowing, even younger-looking skin.

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