6 great ways to deal with jealousy in relationships. Jealousy is a natural feeling. It can come in different forms and different ways. In small proportions, it can be healthy, almost desirable.

Who wants to be in a relationship where your partner is not jealous? The non-existence of jealousy is often assimilated into being uncaring.

Someone who doesn’t love you will not really care about you and, therefore, will not show any signs of jealousy. But jealousy is a double-edged sword. It can be destructive when it dominates the relationship.

So, how do you deal with an out-of-hand or measured jealousy in relationships? This article discussed some proven ways to deal with jealousy in relationships.  

6 great ways to deal with jealousy in relationships. By chatykany.


6 great ways to deal with jealousy in relationships. The first thing to do is to acknowledge the issue. A problem recognised is a problem half-solved. Once your partner notices that your jealousy is over the top or your jealous nature is getting out of hand and becoming unhealthy, you should clearly acknowledge and accept that there is an issue.

This acknowledgement will allow you to start looking for solutions; at the most minor, start being mindful by controlling them.

So, this is the time to identify the triggers; what usually causes jealousy to arise? This will help you to identify underlying issues. Is your partner causing this? Is it your own fault, coming from your own insecurities?

Once you clearly identify the trigger, jealousy becomes easier to deal with. 



6 great ways to deal with jealousy in relationships. As you have identified the source of the jealousy, the triggers. The next step would be to constructively discuss with your partner.

If the trigger comes from your partner, calmly draw his attention to it. Listen to his/her explanation, and discuss together to find the best way, a convenient solution to prevent the issue from occurring. This could be a quick fix or a long process.  

But If the trigger comes from yourself, steaming from your own insecurities, you still need to communicate with your partner. Recognise that you have an issue, apologise for it, and demonstrate that you are willing to take action to remedy the problem.

Moreover, together, you can decide on the best line of action.  


A great way to solve jealousy issues in relationships is honesty. Be open and honest with each other. Little lies turned into giant demons in relationships.

Hence, there are things you cannot keep from your partner; once you decide to do otherwise, misunderstandings, suspicion, and doubt start. May the truth be painful, but still say it.

For example, if you accidentally met your ex, be the first to inform your partner, and do not let others do it.

So, if your partner doesn’t want you to go somewhere, tell them why you cannot agree with them instead of sneaking out.  

6 great ways to deal with jealousy in relationships. By chatykany.


6 great ways to deal with jealousy in relationships. It is crucial to set boundaries in relationships, healthy boundaries. A relationship with no limits encounters many challenges because partners knowingly or unknowingly hurt each other.

So, it is highly advised to set boundaries at the start of a relationship; that way, each partner knows what they shouldn’t do. When you set boundaries, and your partner doesn’t respect the boundaries, your relationship has a problem that needs to be urgently addressed.

Not respecting the boundaries means that your partner either does not respect you or does not take you seriously. Respecting each other boundaries can hugely decrease the amount of jealousy in your relationship.

Therefore, discuss change with your partner before taking action when it is needed.  


6 great ways to deal with jealousy in relationships. Practising mindfulness keeps you more grounded. Before getting jealous, you will take many things into consideration.

So, you will ask yourself some important questions about what you are about to do, think about the impact of the act you are about to do and its implications on your relationship, and evaluate if the act is worth it.

Also, mindfulness will help you think about the whole picture before being unnecessarily jealous.

Moreover, along the same lines, practice being grateful for what you have, how far you have come in the relationship, and the good times. 

6 great ways to deal with jealousy in relationships. By chatykany.


If you try some or all of these tips and you or your partner still suffer from extreme jealousy, you may want to seek professional advice.

So, talking to a therapist may help you. They will devise a solution that suits your particular case.  


6 ways to deal with jealousy in relationships include:  

. Acknowledging the issue and recognising the triggers,  

. Communicating with your partner to remove the triggers,  

. Being honest with each other,  

. Setting boundaries,  

. Practising mindfulness,  

. Considering therapy.  

Following these tips will certainly help considerably decrease or prevent jealousy in relationships.  

Do you have any other tips? Please share in the box below.  

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