7 great ways to identify abuse in relationships. All relationships have their challenges. At some point, there will inevitably be arguments between partners. If these occur constantly or regularly, they may suggest something wrong in the relationship.

Normal occasional arguments are different from abuse. When you argue, usually both partners exchange words or attitudes, and then they are even. But it becomes abuse when the other takes advantage of one side.

Some signs of abuse can be easily and quickly identified. In contrast, others are more difficult to see because they are done sneakily. Here are some early signs of abuse to spot in relationships


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7 great ways to identify abuse in relationships. By chatykany


7 great ways to identify abuse in relationships include casting blame. One sign of abuse to look out for is when your partner is constantly blaming you. They will turn every issue met into blame.

Someone has to be responsible. Whatever you do in this type of relationship is never enough. Therefore, you will be blamed. And with blaming quickly comes name-calling and argument. 


7 great ways to identify abuse in relationships. Another sign of abuse can be seen in the no respect for boundaries. In this case, one of the partners does not respect the boundaries.

For example, you may have clarified that your family matter is off-limits, but they kept going about it.

Another example is you clearly ask to be respected before your friends. Still, they kept disrespecting you, again and again, in front of people.  

7 great ways to identify abuse in relationships. By chatykany


7 great ways to identify abuse in relationships include controlling. A controlling partner should raise red flags. Some people can easily confuse being cared for with being controlled; the difference is very slim in some cases.

Some controlling partners disguise their true intentions but show their true colours when you push a little. For example, your partner will call you several times daily to inquire about your whereabouts.

It may look like they care, but in most cases, they want to know when you are and control your time. Therefore becoming alarmingly controlling.

Also, they will try to take control of your life by slowly taking control of the basic essentials of the relationship.

Hence, they decide on finances, food, social life, how to dress, where to go, etc.

Moreover, you become little by little afraid of your partner and do not see them as equals anymore.  


Another early sign of abuse is when your partner forces you to do things you do not want. The act of forcing could be physical, mental, financial, etc.

For example, they force you to have sex with them or other people.

Also, they may force you to give them your email or social media platform passwords. They can also force you into decisions you would not usually or willingly take.  


7 great ways to identify abuse in relationships. By chatykany


Another sign of abuse in a relationship is this sneaky one: getting blackmailed. Any type of blackmail is emotional and psychological abuse because the blackmailer gets things out of the other partner in a despicable way.

For example, your partner can say that you cannot have that if you do not do this. Another example is when your partner threatens to harm you or themselves if you leave them.

Therefore, You live in fear now, fearful of leaving the relationship.  


It is abuse when your partner puts unrealistic expectations on you. You may struggle physically, financially, and mentally to fulfil those expectations.

Also, you may be successful or not. Therefore, you will always feel drained, with no energy, feeling like you are giving too much in the relationship.

As a result, you will be unhappy. 


Another sign of abuse is when your partner is trying to isolate you. They will attempt to alienate you from your loved ones.

This is sometimes done in subtle ways. For example, they will find faults in people closer to you, family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, or whoever seems to influence you.  

7 great ways to identify abuse in relationships. By chatykany


7 ways to identify abuse in relationships include:  

. Blaming,  

. No respect for boundaries  

. Controlling  

. Forcing,  

. Blackmailing,  

. Having unrealistic expectations,  

. Tendency to isolate.  

Those are the most common signs of abuse. If you are in any of these situations, consistently try to address them first. If your partner is unwilling to change, it is worth letting them go because your future with them might worsen.   

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