6 mistakes men often make in relationships. All relationships have their ups and downs. So, most issues occur because of the ways partners handle or perceive the relationship.

However, there is a difference in how men and women approach relationships. Many relationships go down the drain or encounter serious challenges because men often make mistakes.

Some of these mistakes are avoidable if only some men pay more attention to their relationships.

So, this article discusses 6 mistakes men usually make in relationships and provides potential solutions to avoid them.   

6 mistakes men often make in relationships. By chatykany


6 mistakes men often make in relationships include taking their women for granted. After a certain time in the relationship, some men relax their efforts as they used to do.

So, they no longer try to please their ladies. Also, they do not give them any more priority. Not caring as they used to. Examples of this involved:  

. not being present at important events for her;   

. giving the wrong gifts or not enough gifts;   

. being impatient with her by not taking the time to understand her or not talking enough to her;   

. Not paying attention to her feelings,   

. Failing to make her feel special. She comes after friends, Hobbies, family, etc. 

. being cheap with her,   

. coming late or missing dates and not updating about their whereabouts,  

. Not being creative in taking her to the same places or doing some things.   

Also, they clearly do not contribute enough to the relationship.

Moreover, men should constantly try to please their women.

If you make your woman feel special, she will treat you like a king.



Some men make the mistake of comparing their women to other women. This could be their exes or other people’s women. But doing so will make your woman feel insecure.

Also, this sometimes causes some women to change themselves and, along the way, lose themselves. However, you cannot have a healthy relationship if you compare your partner to others.

It shows that you do not see their values and only want them to fill your standard. So, you must stop if you are doing that.   

 Hence, men should stop comparing their partners and appreciate them just as they are.  

6 mistakes men often make in relationships. By chatykany


6 mistakes men often make in relationships. Many men do not learn from their mistakes. They make mistakes, they get told off, and they apologise or not. Then, they will repeat the same mistakes.

So, these mistakes include lying, degrading their partners, belittling their partners, breaking trust, neglecting or forgetting to take action when required, and being unnecessarily or overly jealous.

This ends badly more often than usual, with broken relationships and separation. Their partners feel they are not being taken seriously. Therefore, assume that the relationship is hopeless.

Therefore, try to correct yourself whenever you have an argument to avoid this situation. Identify the triggers and avoid them.

Often, women are not looking for perfection.   


6 mistakes men often make in relationships. Some men lack initiative. They take their partners to the same places they know and do not try to be creative.

Also, always have the same routine, again and again. And sometimes, they may not be open to constructive suggestions. Most of the time, they do not offer any help.   

Some other men are very indecisive. They barely take any significant action in their relationships. Also, they delay making essential decisions for taking relationships to the next level. And they usually Refuse or are reluctant to be introduced to partners’ families or friends.   

Moreover, women should take the initiative to be creative by expanding their perspectives in relationships and being open-minded.  


Some men make their women feel unsafe in relationships. So, they give them a feeling of insecurity, not being protected.

Some men make their partners feel unsettled through their actions, behaviours, and sometimes their language.

So, the partners feel unappreciated, unvalued, belittled, not unique, and coming after everyone and everything else.

The scarier thing is that often, women feel threatened because sometimes those men are unwilling to walk away from the relationships. Although they are not ready to redefine relationships.

So, these men take rejection very badly and can become dangerous and harm their partners.    

Therefore, men should make their partners feel loved and safe to avoid misunderstanding or correcting them when they arise.  

6 mistakes men often make in relationships. By chatykany


Some men really do believe that the sun revolves around them. It has to be all about them. They are so absorbed in themselves that they dictate everything in the relationships.

Also, they never take responsibility and always blame their partners. Hence, this type of behaviour can only be detrimental in a relationship.

Moreover, relationships are all about giving and taking.  



6 mistakes men often make in relationships include:   

. Taking their women for granted,   

. Keep making comparisons,   

. Keep making the same mistakes,   

. Lacking initiative or being indecisive,   

. Making their women feel unsafe,   

. Being narcissistic.   

Those are the most common mistakes men usually make in relationships.   

Do you know other mistakes that they make? Please share in the comment box.   

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