6 mistakes women tend to make in relationships. It is not a secret that women are usually the ‘losers in relationships’.

They are often taken advantage of, abused, and every other mistreatment. Women usually accept most of this nonsense for different reasons, from desperation to thinking about doing the right thing.

Women make some common mistakes in relationships, whatever the reason.

In this article, we discuss the mistakes women often make in relationships.  

6 mistakes women tend to make in relationships. By chatykany.


6 mistakes women tend to make in relationships. Women usually tend to invest themselves too much too soon in relationships. Some of the reasons for that include their desperation to be in a relationship, so they want to move things quickly, jumping steps.

Also, they tend to play motherly figures by trying to protect their men in any way they can, forgiving any misbehaviour from the men, assuming the men will change.

Women, therefore, settle for less than what they really want. Women can quickly become overprotective, which can overwhelm their partners.

Some women completely hand over total control of their lives to their men, meaning the men control them emotionally, financially, and in any other way.  


Some women put very high expectations on their men. Certain women would expect their men to somehow read their minds because they fail to communicate what they really want and expect the men to know what they want and what to do.

So, they will resent the men for not doing the right thing; this will lead to holding grudges, arguments, and breakups. Men are not mind readers; tell them what you want.

Some women would ask their men things they know the man cannot usually afford; he will have to go into debt or work overtime to satisfy them.

Be realistic with your men and make them spend within their means. 

Other women think too highly of their men. Hence, they give them respect and consideration they do not deserve by overpraising them and exaggerating any small effort or achievement of the men.

And sometimes even lying by making up stuff. In the end, the men fall short of the expectation

6 mistakes women tend to make in relationships. By chatykany.


6 mistakes women tend to make in relationships. Women sometimes do not appreciate men’s small efforts; they think it does not count. Therefore, they only recognise and appreciate big gestures from their men.

This usually demotivates and discourages some men. For example, if your man opens the door for you or takes the shopping inside without acknowledgement or appreciation, be sure he will stop doing it.

So, ladies, appreciate all your partner’s small efforts towards you. Thank them when they remember an important date, for calling you to check on you, fixing the broken gate, changing the light bulb, etc.

It does count, and it does add up. Doing so makes him feel important to you and appreciated, and he will be motivated to do more. 



Some women make the mistake of wanting to change their men. They want to change their behaviours, either openly or using sneaky ways.

Sneaky ways include not giving him enough space, being mostly sarcastic or negative, being passive-aggressive, constantly nagging, etc.

And most of the time, it does not go as planned; things turn sour and strain the relationship. Changing another human being’s habits is complicated, especially for an adult.

Unless they decide to change, you will not succeed. Do not be or feel insecure; the best thing to do is to openly communicate, find ways around the things you do not like, and compromise whenever possible.

If you don’t accept your man as he is, he will not feel loved. Moreover, he will think you do not love him enough.   

6 mistakes women tend to make in relationships. By chatykany.



6 mistakes women tend to make in relationships. Some women are never satisfied with their lives. So, they take it up to their partners, who they think are not enough. Also, assuming that others have it perfect and know best.

So, they will keep comparing their lives to those around them. constantly comparing what they have, such as houses, cars, financial situations, relationships, assets, etc., with their friends, families, neighbours, and colleagues…. Have.

Therefore causing their partners to feel in competition with everyone else. Also, it makes them feel insecure. Any type of comparison in relationships is unacceptable; avoid it. 


Some women let themselves go once they feel secure in relationships. They no longer take care of themselves as they used to. Also, I think that putting on makeup and dressing pretty is somehow a waste of time.

These women believe that they already know each other bodies a to z with their men. Some even find it challenging to shower after the day; they go into bed dirty and smelly.

This is especially true after having children. Women will start making excuses such as being tired, lacking time, etc.

Therefore, they let themselves go. This is a huge mistake not to fall into. With some organisation, you can manage your family life, still care for yourself, and be decent, especially nowadays when many things have been made easy.  


6 mistakes women tend to make in relationships include:  

Giving too much,  

Having very high expectations  

Not appreciating the small stuff,  

Trying to change their men,  

Making comparisons,  

Neglecting self-care.  

These are the most common mistakes women make in a relationship.

Do you know any other common mistakes? Please leave a comment below.  

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