6 big mistakes to avoid in a romantic relationship. No relationship is perfect. There will always be something or issues to address or solve in a relationship.

Therefore, problems will arise, and challenges will come at some point in any relationship to test or consolidate it. Some of these issues are just life problems. Unavoidable, unpredictable, and completely independent of both partners.

But, most of them could be easily avoided because they are directly linked to intentional or unintentional mistakes.

So, this article discusses some mistakes to avoid in a romantic relationship.  

6 big mistakes to avoid in a romantic relationship. By chatykany.


6 big mistakes to avoid in a romantic relationship. Many relationships do not survive because of comparison. Comparisons make your partner feel unappreciated and undervalued. And make them feel as if they are constantly in competition. Comparisons come in many forms.

Certain partners constantly keep talking about their exes, taking them as examples. And others will keep talking about friends or family members who are doing well.

Comparing your partner to other people is a ‘no go’. You are trying to force them to change. And this usually ends badly. Also, doing so will make your partner uncomfortable.

However, some may argue that sometimes comparing boosts or motivates change.

Moreover, whatever the reason, it will negatively affect the relationship in the long run.  


Another mistake to avoid in a relationship is holding back and not letting out things you disagree with. Keep them to yourself. Keep the habit of talking things out when they happen, do not hold grudges, and do not keep score.

Doing so will affect the way you perceive your partner. Also, your judgment will always be affected by something they have previously done that you haven’t digested.

So, a good practice to avoid misunderstandings is to talk about things as they happen.

Also, disregarding an issue does not make it go away. It will be somewhere in your mind, just waiting to come out.

But when you discuss it, it will be gone for good. In this sense, you are sure not to accumulate grudges.  

6 big mistakes to avoid in a romantic relationship. By chatykany.


6 big mistakes to avoid in a romantic relationship. Not being flexible is another big mistake to avoid in any relationship. The relationship is not only about you. It is about both of you. So, both partners matter in the relationship.

It is a game of tolerance and compromise. So, if you tend to be inflexible, you want what you want, and the relationship will go sour because your partner will feel taken advantage of.

Moreover, the decision should be discussed in a relationship, not unilaterally taken.  


Communicating is key in any relationship. A couple should constantly be communicating. What may seem a small matter to one partner may be a big deal for the other partner.

So, communication is crucial. It would be best to communicate to voice your concerns, give your opinions, and propose solutions. People’s needs and feelings constantly change, so partners must speak to reassure each other. And to comfort each other around their insecurities.

Couples should communicate to appreciate each other, notice all the small things, and be grateful.

Moreover, good communication helps you set up boundaries in the relationship


6 big mistakes to avoid in a romantic relationship. By chatykany.


6 big mistakes to avoid in a romantic relationship. A partner who mistreats you at the beginning of the relationship, such as disrespecting you, cheating on you, lying to you… is luckily not to change; later on, it may get worse.

Once you let the behaviour slide once or a couple of times, he/she will keep doing it because, at this point, they will take you for granted. It is better to tackle the behaviour as soon as it arises.

Otherwise, it will accumulate, eventually get out of hand, and ultimately cause the relationship to end.  


There are some little mistakes you can avoid to make the relationship more enjoyable, for example:  

. being unnecessarily jealous  

. Fighting or demanding explanations in public, calling each other names  

. badmouthing each other families, even jokingly  

. having unrealistic expectations or making unrealistic promises  

. Threatening to quit at any misunderstanding or argument  

. Too much social media exposure.  

. being too available, always performing for your partner  

. Moving too fast in the relationship and jumping stages. Take time to get to know each other before heading on full speed.  


6 mistakes to avoid in a romantic relationship include:  

. stop comparisons,  

. Avoid holding back,  

. being inflexible,  

. Avoid underestimating communication,  

. Assuming your partner will change,  

. Avoid being too much.  

Preventing these mistakes will undoubtedly save you from many arguments, strengthening the relationship.  

Do you know other mistakes to avoid in a romantic relationship? Please share in the comment box below.  

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