6 great ways to get in the mood for sex. Sex plays a big part in most romantic relationships. It is a way that most partners come together as one intimately.

In some communities and religions, it is even said that one should never deny his partner sex, especially if they are married.

Refusing your partner from sex can result in disastrous consequences such as adultery and separation. Hence, in some communities, the man gets a second wife. So, to say how important sex is in relationships.

But it is not all the time you are in the mood for sex. Sometimes your partner might be in the mood, horny, and it is all natural that you want to help them relieve themselves, but you are not in the mood.

Do not worry; there are many ways to help you get in the mood.

So, here are some simple and proven methods to help you get into action.  

6 great ways to get in the mood for sex. By chatykany.

1# RELAX  

6 great ways to get in the mood for sex. First, you may want to completely relax. Indeed, it is sometimes difficult to get into the mood if you are stressed.

You can relax by taking a shower or bath, practising yoga and muscle stretching exercises, and practising meditation and breathwork.

Also, you can listen to soothing music or reread one of your favourite books. The aim is to get your stress under complete control.   


Sometimes, you are not in the mood because you repeatedly have the same routine. So, changing the routine can quickly change things for the best. Change the pattern if you always wait to get into bed before making moves on each other.

Moreover, you can try it in the kitchen before dinner, in the shower or bath after dinner. If you cannot do it because you have children, change the scenery and try new sexual positions.

As well, you can book a hotel and do it anyway, anywhere you want it. You can schedule a weekly sex date.  


6 great ways to get in the mood for sex. One reason for not being in the mood is always doing the same things. You must learn to build anticipation if you are not already doing it.

Learn to be creative in your sex life. There are so many ways and positions to have it that you cannot possibly stick to one routine, same location, same places, and expect to be all the mood for it.

Also, you have to be willing to try and do new things. So, start getting wild with words if you are not doing it.

Moreover, try new sexual positions, including sex toys in your game if you are not already doing it.   

6 great ways to get in the mood for sex. By chatykany.


6 great ways to get in the mood for sex. Some people get turned on by watching adults’ erotic movies. You may want to give it a try. Porn is a big stimulator for many people.

The possibilities are endless with porn. However, if you do not want to be too raw or explicit, you can tone it down by watching romantic movies or reading romantic novels.  


6 great ways to get in the mood for sex include touching yourself. Another great way to get in the mood is to touch yourself. You can do what usually gets you to turn on. For some people, it may be masturbating, pinching the tits, caressing yourself, etc.

Sometimes, we have the wrong idea about touching ourselves, especially women.

Caroline D’Arcy, a masturbation coach, said, “Our minds have a negative bias. If we’re not taught about something in a positive, exciting way, we’ll fill in the gaps and think it’s something shameful or dirty.”  

So, touching yourself is not wrong; learning to do it right will give you more than expected.  

6 great ways to get in the mood for sex. By chatykany.


6 great ways to get in the mood for sex include using aphrodisiacs. Last resort, you can use some aphrodisiac products. These could be natural or chemical.

Some ingredients are said to be natural aphrodisiacs; these include ginger, chocolate, figs, strawberries, etc.

Some mixtures as well. You can also take some supplements to get you in the mood or improve or enhance your performance. This includes Viagra.  


6 ways to get in the mood for sex include:  

. Relaxing,  

. Changing your routine,  

. Be willing to try new things,  

. Watching porn,  

. Touching yourself,  

. Using aphrodisiacs  

Those are just some tips, among others.   

Do you have any recommendations? Please share your suggestions in the box below.  

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