7 great ways you are ruining your relationship. Being in a good relationship is most people’s dream.

We all like to have this synergy with our partners. So, making a joint effort to build a strong relationship despite the unavoidable challenges.

But this sometimes proves very difficult if some behaviours are neglected. Therefore, the behaviours that can ruin relationships are sometimes spotted quickly but can be hidden.

So, these are discussed in this article. Look out for these signs and correct them if possible.   

7 great ways you are ruining your relationship. By chatykany.


7 great ways you are ruining your relationship include being controlling. When a partner is controlling, the other partner feels taken advantage of. Hence, They will feel less important, undervalued, and unappreciated.

A relationship where partners do not feel equal is a relationship highly at risk of breakup in the long run.   

 Also, a relationship is two-way, not one-way. So, it is not about only one person. It is also about two people who come together to build something.

Moreover, compromise by considering both partners’ needs, wants, and opinions instead of imposing and controlling. 



A relationship should always be a two-way process. Both partners should carefully consider any matter related to the relationship by considering their opinions and needs. Both partners should feel equal in the relationship.

It should not always be about only one partner’s needs and wants; things will quickly get labelled selfish if this is the case.

A relationship where one partner only thinks about their only interest and is unwilling to compromise is likely to be ruined—no one likes to be taken advantage of.   

7 great ways you are ruining your relationship. By chatykany.


7 great ways you are ruining your relationship. Some people confuse being familiar with a lack of manners. They do not see or set any boundaries.

Therefore, they do not show their manners or make an effort. This is a mistake many people make.

It would help if you always showed good manners. It is a sign of respect towards your partner and shows the importance of the relationship to you. Bad manners include:  

. Inappropriately touching or talking to your partner outside when you are out.  

. Ill-addressing, your partner.  

Making things that will make your partner uncomfortable.   


Another behaviour that can ruin a relationship is when you or your partner elude real communication.

This happens whenever you want to have a serious, meaningful conversation with your partner; they evade and try to avoid it.

Also, they will do this by constantly asking you to postpone or sabotage the conversation by bringing up some irrelevant facts and deviating from it. This can be frustrating.  



Many relationships are ruined by one of the partners being dishonest or disloyal. The relationship is weak when one of the partners is dishonest.

At first, the other partner may try to get the dishonest partner on the right track by supporting them and trying to understand them.

However, they will eventually give up if they do not see any good results.   

7 great ways you are ruining your relationship. By chatykany.


Indiscretion ruined many relationships. Most People like to ‘wash their dirty laundry at home’, meaning they want to keep their life discreet. They do not want to display everything that happens in their lives to outsiders.

So be cautious about your relationship. by not telling your friends and family everything that happens. Otherwise, you will ruin your relationship.

You can be ill-advised and put your partner in a very uncomfortable position.  



Another behaviour that ruins a relationship is being less affectionate. Some people’s behaviour changes down the line in the relationship.

Moreover, they somehow consciously or unconsciously stop making efforts. Also, they take their partners for granted. These behaviours include denying your partner sex and not taking good care of yourself.  


7 great ways you are ruining your relationship include:   

. controlling,   

. selfishness,   

. mannerless   

. avoiding real conversation,   

. Being dishonest and disloyal,   

. Not being discrete   

. Being less affectionate   

If you are doing any of these behaviours, you must stop for your relationship’s sake. Do you know of any other detrimental conduct?   

Please share your comments in the box below. 

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