4 great values women want from men after 40. Women in their 40s are mostly emotionally mature. As they have usually encountered different life experiences.

Most of them already had some experience relationship-wise. Hence, they have acquired knowledge throughout their experiences, and if they want or choose to enter new relationships.

Also, they have new outlooks on what they are looking for and the type of partners they want to be with. Therefore, their expectations are set and different from those of women in their 20s or 30s.

Consequently, they better understand what they really want or seek from a man. The qualities and values they are after are not extraordinary.

So, here are 4 qualities or values women in their 40 really want from men.  

4 great values women want from men after 40. By chatykany.


4 great values women want from men after 40 include no games playing. After 40, women who did not get into their desired relationships, or did find themselves singles again after a divorce or being widows, do not want any games playing men.

Therefore, most believe they have passed the age of playing games or being in a relationship to try new things. Hence, they think they have enough experience, and most of them are ready to settle down.

Also, They are usually straightforward about what they want and set the rules upfront. Usually, they can identify the men coming in just for fun, for games playing.

Moreover, they take love very seriously at this stage of their lives and do not want any time wasters. They also have much self-awareness.

Therefore, they want men who know themselves, have plans, boundaries, and their strengths and weaknesses.  


Women in their 40s highly value respect and support. So, most will not take less than that in a relationship.

Therefore will not accept the usual nonsense they will have let go of in their 20s or 30s.

Also, they believe the least their partner can offer are those values, respect them as they are and provide any support. So, a man who does that will automatically be seen as a real man, reliable.  

4 great values women want from men after 40. By chatykany.


4 great values women want from men after 40 include not comparing. Women in their 40s do not appreciate being compared to their counterparts or younger women, especially if the comparison is not to their advantage.

Hence, at this stage, they understood that everyone has their uniqueness.

Therefore, they do not like to be compared to anyone else. So, they take it as a sign of disrespect, sometimes as a sign of bullying or abuse.   


4 great values women want from men after 40 include stability. Women in their 40s like men who show stability; men are settled or have a solid plan or financial security; they seek emotionally mature men.

Also, most of them believe that time is running out for them, so they will stay away from indecisive, insecure men who do not have a good plan for their lives, etc. 


4 values women want from men after 40 include:  

. No games playing  

. Respect and support,  

. No comparison,  

. Stability.  

This list is not exhaustive. Do you know any other values women after 40 are looking for? Please share in the box below. 

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